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A subscription-oriented web suite designed to help media’s professionals grow their business

PublisherElements is a flexible, customizable and fully integrated suite of tools designed to help manage every element of your subscriptions whether you have printed subscribers, product offerings, gated access subscribers or digital subscribers to online version or IPad version. Whether we manage your subscriptions or you handle them yourself, PublisherElements will help you grow your business, and will adapt to all your needs.

PublisherElements helps manage every element of subscription fulfillment and customer care. It consolidates all kind of subscriptions and can be used as a complete solution or integrated in existing systems and suppliers.

  • Integrated print and online database
  • Canadian addresses validated using Post Canada web services
  • Collision management / duplication reconcilliation
  • Promotion codes
  • Pre-qualification
  • Label generation

The PublisherElements eCommerce module includes all basic and advances functions for:

  • Hard copy subscription sales
  • Online subscription sales
  • Automatic renewal
  • Single issue sales
  • Single article sales
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Step-up
  • Shopping cart
  • Online credit card payment
  • Pre-authorized payment

The PublisherElements BI module offers a range of predefined reports and tools to help quickly analyze the performance of your business strategies.

  • Lead generation
  • List rentals
  • List extraction and insertion
  • Reporting and analysis of promotion performance
  • Easy data access (online / real-time)

PublisherElements allows you to easily create and operationalize your promotional and renewal campaigns through import functionality, monitoring and automatic renewal.

  • Prospecting campaigns
    • Import prospects
    • Track costs vs. results
  • Renewal campaigns
    • Automated reminder by issue
    • Automated reminder by date
    • Automated reminder by print
    • Automated reminder by email

PublisherElements offers a WordPress plugin, Javascript integration and a REST API for integrating subscriptions, subscribers and promotional campaigns management within the most recognized and most used content management systems (CMS).

  • Restricted access to premium content
  • Subscription and payment module
  • Personal information self-management
  • GoogleAnalytics integration
  • Ad serving
  • Template based site creation in WordPress
  • HTML5 Responsive design: Web / tablet / mobile
  • Integrated social media
  • Hosting

Via the Subcription Fulfillment module, PublisherElements can be used following three Customer Care models:

  • Publisher client servicing
  • Third party client servicing
  • EquiSoft client servicing

At EquiSoft, all of our agents are bilingual and our state of the art system will give you the flexibility to personalize all your menu options and all the messages that go with it. All the calls are recorded and remote call monitoring is available so that you can confirm the level of customer service your clients are receiving at any given time.

The PublisherElements self-service management module provides your customers with the ability to manage their own information (personal and demographic) and their subscriptions, in addition to allowing them to view the content to which they have subscribed.

  • Registration and subscription
  • Permission management
  • Login and user profile
  • Content gating
  • Tracking of user activity
  • Single Sign-On SAML module - PublisherElements can act as an "Identity Provider"

The PublisherElements Web platform allows you to offer personalized and targeted content according to demographic and behavioral user data:

  • Advertisements
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Promotional Offers
  • Web Content

The PublisherElements newsletters management module allows you to easily create your own email templates and choose the best delivery strategy.

  • Automated newsletter creation
  • Automatic login from emails and newsletters
  • Models (templates) of personalized emails management
  • Planning of massive or batch email sending
  • Automated renewal campaigns
  • Integration of third-party services for email sending

PublisherElements adapts to your business model.

Outsource your clients servicing and/or operations or keep all in-house

Integrate with your existing systems and suppliers

Access your data in real-time at all times

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