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Equisoft Insider Insights: Challenges Facing the Life Insurance Industry

Roger Soppe
December 10, 2019


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Equisoft, in collaboration with top industry analysts from Celent, Novarica and MVP Advisory Group, is excited to announce its latest Insider Insights series— this time focused on challenges facing the life insurance industry.

Don’t miss the video featuring Tom Scales, (Head of Life and Health Insurance, Americas, Celent), Russ Bostick (Life Practice Lead, MVP Advisory Group) and Rob McIsaac (Executive VP, Research, Consulting, and Practice Leader for Life/Annuity/Benefits, Novarica) talking about surprising developments in the industry over the past 12 months.

Get their opinions on the impact of low investment returns, changes resulting from new mortality tables and predictive analytics.

Equisoft Insider Insights: Challenges Facing the Life Insurance Industry 

For a deeper dive into the critical challenges the industry faces don’t miss these recent thought leadership pieces:  

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