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Equisoft Insider Insights: Strategic Insights for Life Insurance Leaders

Roger Soppe
January 14, 2020


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Equisoft, in collaboration with top industry analysts from Celent, Novarica, and MVP Advisory Group,  is excited to announce its latest Insider Insights series —  this time focused on strategic insights for life insurance leaders.

Don’t miss the video featuring Tom Scales, (Head of Life and Health Insurance, Americas, Celent), Russ Bostick (Life Practice Lead, MVP Advisory Group) and Rob McIsaac (Executive VP, Research, Consulting, and Practice Leader for Life/Annuity/Benefits,  Novarica)  talking about what industry leaders should be thinking about right now–but perhaps are not. 

Equisoft Insider Insights: Strategic Insights for Life Insurance Leaders 

For a deeper dive into the strategic issues faced by industry leaders how to solve them you can implement check out these recent thought leadership pieces:  

IT Transformation in Life Insurance, Bancassurance and Wealth Management 

Equisoft recently hosted an exclusive CIO symposium with 14 CIO’s. Read the valuable insights into their digital transformation journeys, legacy system challenges and their perspective on the IT transformation roadmap for Financial Services.

What Every Life Insurance Leader Should Know About Enhancing Customer Experience 

Insurers who don’t make progress on their legacy system modernization journey risk being left behind as the insurance industry is disrupted by increasing customer expectations. See how life insurance companies can successfully modernize their legacy systems to provide the accelerated, highly personalized experiences their customers desire.

Timely Advice Before Starting your Policy Administration Modernization Project 

Benefit from Equisoft’s decades of experience in life insurance modernization. See how to reduce risk before setting our on your journey, how to asses project scope and feasibility and how to select the best modernization approach.

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