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2018 IIAC FinTech Summit

Digital Transformation

01.06.2018 - 01.06.2018

Vantage Venue, 150 King Street West, 16th Floor, Toronto

Equisoft will be attending 2018 IIAC FinTech Summit

FinTech innovations are revolutionizing the financial services industry, driving new business models, applications, processes and products but also raising novel regulatory, technical and legal issues for firms and their customers. As a digital transformation leader for the insurance and wealth management industry, Equisoft will participate to 2018 IIAC FinTech Summit on June 1st to hear from other FinTech leaders who will share their latest insights and focus on AI, Robo advising, security and regulatory issues.

Main topics of 2018 IIAC FinTech Summit:

  • FinTech : Legal considerations
  • Cryptocurrency 101
  • FinTech Consultants: Sharing their knowledge
  • Capitalizing on the Cloud
  • Latest update on Robo
  • RegTech: Helping compliance and operations
  • Cybersecurity checklist
  • Artificial Intelligence: What’s going on in the AI Labs?
  • How the regulators are using technology


How are FinTechs doing in Canada?

The Fintech sector is booming and has been growing very rapidly in Canada. Ernst & Young FinTech Adoption Index study shows that 8.2% of digitally active consumers in Canada have used at least two FinTech products within the last six months in comparison to 15.5% globally.


Source: Ernst & Young


The study predicts that the Fintech adoption rate could triple within the year. Indeed, the top reason given by 57.2% of Canadians who don’t use Fintech products is the fact that they weren’t aware it existed so if an increased communication about FinTech products could considerably impact the adoption rate.

The study also shows that FinTech products are more likely to be used by high income individuals (15.1% users in the US$ 70 001-150,000 bracket and 20% in the US 150,000+) and younger people (14.9% of users among the 18-34 years old and 9.8% users for 35-54 years old).

According to Q4’17 edition of KPMG’s The Pulse of Fintech, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a pivotal technology behind fintech innovation particularly in the US and Canada where investors have recognized the massive opportunities presented by AI to automate processes, such as regulatory compliance and reporting.

Canada is becoming a global player in AI, thanks to Canadian government support and the presence AI innovators in Canadian universities. Canadian banks are also deeply engaged with Fintech some banks even buying AI startups to deploy new products.



Dine with Equisoft financial experts

Equisoft Dine-Arounds offer to  2018 IIAC FinTech Summit participants an opportunity to dine informally with our financial software experts and share updates about the industry.

Connecting with peers over a shared meal will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of diverse experiences and foster new business relationships. Dine-Arounds will be held at restaurants in downtown Toronto, and are complementary.

In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Equisoft Dine-Around can accommodate 2 to 8 guests.

Please fill out the form below and an Equisoft representative will reach out to give you the details.


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