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CLIEDIS AGM & Seminar 2018

Data, the Fuel of the Future

05.04.2018 - 05.04.2018

One King West Hotel & Residence, King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Equisoft will be attending CLIEDIS AGM & Seminar 2018 for its 19th edition

CLIEDIS promotes the advancement of electronic data exchange within the Canadian life and health insurance industry.

Equisoft is proud to contribute to this great annual gathering of insurance industry peers and will present its advanced insurance management software solution to the Canadian market: InsuranceElements.

What is InsuranceElements?

InsuranceElements is a front-end sales and engagement software for the insurance industry designed to optimize insurance advisor performance and customer experience. It covers needs of the full insurance sales process:

– Needs analysis
– Quoting and illustrations
– Sales strategies
– Electronic signature and application
– Policy servicing
– Claims though a self-service portal

Preferred by many insurers in North America and elsewhere, InsuranceElements is one of the most advanced digital systems in the insurance sector.


What are the Canadian insurance trends for 2018?

According to Aite Group research and advising,  the global insurance industry finished 2017 ready to change itself through innovation and digital transformation.

Top 10 insurance trends for 2018:

  1. 1. Data protection and privacy
  2. 2. Unstructured data spreads in P&C underwriting and claims
  3. 3. Technology becomes a greater part of loss-control strategies
  4. 4. Instant claims payouts
  5. 5. Life insurers step up customer-facing digital transformations
  6. 6. Accelerated life insurance underwriting gets personal
  7. 7. Life insurers embrace automation
  8. 8. Health plans emerge as a medical bill payment channel
  9. 9. Health insurers revamp provider data management
  10. 10. Wealth management and health insurance converge


Dine with Equisoft insurance experts

Equisoft Dine-Arounds offer to CLIEDIS 2018 AGM & Seminar participants an opportunity to dine informally with our insurance software experts and share updates about the industry.

Connecting with peers over a shared meal will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of diverse experiences and foster new business relationships. Dine-Arounds will be held at restaurants close to the One King West Hotel, located in downtown Toronto, and are complementary.

In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Equisoft Dine-Around can accommodate 2 to 8 guests. 

Please fill out the form below and an Equisoft representative will reach out to give you the details.

Equisoft participants

Steeve Michaud
Denise Tsakalaki
Senior Director, PMO
Anthony Stockley
Vice President, Business Development
Ruben Veerasamy
Vice President, Sales & Account Management

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