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Wealth Management

The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers Conference 2018

7th edition

24.04.2018 - 24.04.2018

The Carlu, Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Equisoft will be attending the Mutual Fund Dealers Conference 2018 (7th edition)

The Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers is currently Canada’s only dedicated voice of mutual fund dealers, representing dealer firms with over $124 billion of assets under administration and 18 thousand licensed advisors that provide financial services to over 3.8 million Canadians.

Equisoft is proud to participate to their annual conference, allowing our team to engage with other wealth management experts in Canada. Equisoft will present its advanced wealth management software solution, WealthElements, to help the wealth management industry make its digital transformation.

What is WealthElements?

WealthElements is an advanced one-stop web platform for wealth management professionals designed to increase productivity, optimize operational efficiency and enhance investor experience with the 3 following modules:

  • Financial planning: Easy-to-use tools designed to help financial professionals create a detailed assessment of a client’s current financial well-being and plan for future needs
  • Portfolio Design & Analytics: Sales-oriented, compliance-friendly module that helps financial professionals prepare compelling, well-documented proposals in four easy steps.
  • Client portal: Mobile-friendly platform which leverages robo-technology to allow financial institutions and advisors to deliver a secure online experience to investors.

How are mutual funds doing in Canada?

According to the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), Canadians have greater confidence in mutual funds (86%) than other financial products such as GICs (59%), bonds (51%) and stocks (64%). Mutual funds account for 31% of Canadians’ financial wealth and they have built financial security with $1.49 trillion in mutual funds as of January 31, 2018.


Dine with Equisoft wealth management experts

Equisoft Dine-Arounds offer to Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers Conference 2018 participants an opportunity to dine informally with our wealth management software experts and share updates about the industry.

Connecting with peers over a shared meal will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of diverse experiences and foster new business relationships. Dine-Arounds will be held at restaurants close to the Carlu, located in downtown Toronto, and are complementary.

In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Equisoft Dine-Around can accommodate 2 to 8 guests.

Please fill out the form below and an Equisoft representative will reach out to give you the details.

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