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Wealth Management

Wealth Professional Tech Summit 2018

Leadership and Tech

30.05.2018 - 30.05.2018

The Westin Harbour Castle, Harbour Square, Toronto, ON, Canada

Equisoft will be attending the Wealth Professional Tech Summit 2018 as a Gold partner

This annual event brought by Wealth Professional Magazine will take place in Toronto on May 30th and will discuss how new digital developments and technological advances are changing the wealth management business landscape. The Wealth Professional Tech Summit is specifically designed for Canadian financial advisors and will focus on empowering them through technology for practice management efficiency, servicing clients and marketing.

Equisoft is proud to participate to WP annual conference as a Gold partner, allowing our team to engage with other wealth management experts in Canada. Equisoft will present its advanced wealth management software solution, WealthElements, to help the wealth management industry make its digital transformation.


What is WealthElements?

WealthElements is an advanced one-stop web platform for wealth management professionals designed to increase productivity, optimize operational efficiency and enhance investor experience with the 3 following modules:
Financial planning: Easy-to-use tools designed to help financial professionals create a detailed assessment of a client’s current financial well-being and plan for future needs
Portfolio design & Analytics: Sales-oriented, compliance-friendly module that helps financial professionals prepare compelling, well-documented proposals in four easy steps.
Client portal: Mobile-friendly platform which leverages robo-technology to allow financial institutions and advisors to deliver a secure online experience to investors.


What are the wealth management trends in Canada?

The wealth management industry is changing rapidly and progressively becoming more complex with new technology and regulations. Huffington Post Canada listed the top 10 trends to watch in wealth management for the Canadian market:

1. The value proposition of the advisor will undergo a massive transformation as a result of the cost disclosure amendment CRM2 which requires wealth management advisors to provide more transparency on fees, portfolio performance and account content.
2. Brand will matter more. According to a study conducted by Bain & Company, new clients are becoming rare so the ability to attract and retain clients will be the most important competitive advantage. Marketing efforts will therefore have to focus on enhancing brand value.
3. Millennials. The millennial generation is coming of age and wealth management firms will have to quickly adapt to their values and preferences.
4. Multi-generation marketing. Wealth management firms will have to target multiple generations and not just wealthy baby boomers.
5. Growth of the family office. According to advisor.ca, the family office approach is becoming very attractive for high net worth or ultra-high net worth individuals because multi-family firms can offer better rates with their large asset pools.
6. Impact of wealth transference. According to CBC News, baby boomers under age 75 will inherit close to $750 billion in the next decade. Many of them will give a big part of their money to their children. This is why getting to know their family and adapt to the new generation will become crucial.
7. Longevity of women. Women are living longer than men and often see an increase in wealth later in life. Wealth management advisors will therefore have to build a good relationship with both and not only the male counterpart the to avoid loss of business.
8. Growth in the number of female advisors. According to Advocis, there are close to 100,000 wealth management advisors in Canada and only 25% are women. “Women represent an incredible growth opportunity and business development opportunity, so advisors ignore that market at their peril,” said Susan Misner, who co-founded goldengirlsfinance.com.
9. Financial plans. Financial plans are becoming the new norm in the wealth management industry and are not limited to the very wealthy clients. They become easier to do with the digital transformation of the wealth management industry.
10. Data-driven business decisions. Accumulating rich client data in order to create efficient predictive models will give wealth management firms a distinct competitive advantage. Data-driven decision making will become the new norm.


Dine with Equisoft wealth management experts

Equisoft Dine-Arounds offer to Wealth Professional Tech Summit 2018 participants an opportunity to dine informally with our wealth management software experts and share updates about the industry.

Connecting with peers over a shared meal will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of diverse experiences and foster new business relationships. Dine-Arounds will be held at restaurants in downtown Toronto, and are complementary.

In order to provide optimal opportunities for networking, stimulating conversation, and peer learning, each Equisoft Dine-Around can accommodate 2 to 8 guests.

Please fill out the form below and an Equisoft representative will reach out to give you the details.

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