10.08.2017 to 22.08.2017
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A complementary OIPA (Oracle Insurance Policy Administration) configuration and release management tool ensuring fast and cost-effective implementations.

Formerly Studio.

Key Benefits

✓  Ultra fast connectivity

✓  Improved speed

✓  Advanced debugging

✓  Smarter work practices

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Main components
  • Rules Editor
  • Rules Debugger
  • Rules Release Manager


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Rules Editor

Experience ultra fast check-in/check-out, rules navigation and history version loading time.

Configure XML by using intelligent code completion and code snippet.

Configure ready-to-process transactions in less than two minutes.

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Rules Debugger

Find issues and bugs before they appear in OIPA.

Debug all entities:

      • Activity and Virtual Transaction
      • AsFile XMLData and XSLT
      • Inquiry Screen
      • Screen Math
      • Illustration

Display results and the errors in a user-friendly format (no Java stack trace).


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Rules Release Manager
  • Use the console to control which rules to release.
  • Enforce code review with approval and rejection reviewers.
  • Work on multiple tracks.
  • Possibility to connect to GIT or other versioning system.


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Contact Account Managers for pricing and availability:



Mark DePhillips

+1 888 989-3141 ext. 316



Canada and Caribbean

Ruben Veerasamy

+1 888 989-3141 ext. 125



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Got questions or want to request a demo?

Whether you have inquiries about insurance, wealth management or data migration, whether you are around the block or on the other side of the world, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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