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Self Service Portal

This digital, mobile-friendly platform allows insurance companies
and advisors to deliver their clients a superior insurance online experience.

Available as part of our Equisoft/manage solution or as a separate module.




Improve customer engagement with a true transactional online presence

The Equisoft Insurance Self Service Portal is a secure, client-facing solution that provides policy owners with a suite of online tools to view and manage their policies. This platform also automates many of the time-consuming prospecting, data capture, onboarding and servicing tasks usually performed by servicing agents and support staff.

In today’s world, engaging with your customers across channels is key to attracting and retaining today’s clients. Our Self Service Portal offers that capability by enabling direct-to-consumer sales and by allowing brokers and distributors to interact with their clients using collaborative tools to help them during their online journey.  

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Key benefits for your business


Enhance client experience Choose from a totally digital solution to full advisory service, and anything in between

Enhance the overall value proposition in an environment of increasing fee sensitivity.

Increase productivity Meet specific business needs using fully configurable and customizable white-label technology.

Cover the full range of products, including life, health and annuities.  

Supports group sponsors and employers as well as employees for group, worksite, and other independent channels.

Increase productivity & improve operational efficiency Automate/digitalize many labor-intensive, paper-based and time-consuming tasks

Find more time to build client relationships and grow your business.

Support advisory network with a flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly tool, while allowing policyholders to interact online with you.

Expand into new markets Leverage cutting-edge technology to penetrate new markets.

Position your business for future growth by targeting today’s clients.

Uncover new opportunities by promoting online presence.

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