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What you definitely shouldn’t miss at the 2019 LIMRA Annual Conference

October 15, 2019


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Champion the Promise — Realize the Potential 

This year’s LIMRA Annual Conference is the must-attend event for senior financial services and insurance industry executives looking to capitalize on the promise of digital transformation.

Equisoft is excited to be heading to Boston to connect with life insurance leaders and share our industry insights to help leaders navigate their modernization journeys. 

Our industry’s promise 

At the core of this year’s event is an idea that is fundamental to how our entire industry operates—the promise we have made to our clients to act in their best interests and to be there for them when adversity strikes.

As the industry evolves it presents us with new opportunities to embrace technological change and leverage new solutions and new ideas to do an even better job delivering on that promise. 

Stellar cast of speakers—including a Prime Minister 

That’s why this year’s LIMRA Annual is so important. It will showcase over 200 expert speakers, each one addressing different and vital aspects of the insurtech revolution and how they can positively impact the future of our companies and our clients. 

The standout cast includes David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 2010-2016, Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva and formerly Chief Evangelist at Apple as well as many more experts and luminaries—including the CEOs and CIOs of major carriers, the heads of key incubators and hubs, and executives from top insurance-focused investment funds. Topics will run the gamut from AI and analytics to blockchain to data security to leveraging insurtech. 

Connect with us—begin your modernization journey 

Last year’s LIMRA Annual Conference was a tremendous experience—and we had a great time meeting so many new people who are helping move our industry forward. Equisoft is currently celebrating our 25th year helping hundreds of companies transition their policy administration systems and implement digital front-end solutions all around the world.

Be sure to stop by the Equisoft booth and discover how you can innovate faster with our industry-leading analytics, sales and CRM solutions—designed to help you accelerate your transformation journey, increase advisor effectiveness, and improve the customer experience.   

We’ll also be sharing our own experience, conference insights and the latest modernization content on our event page.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Boston!