10.08.2017 to 22.08.2017
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Major Insurance Carrier Success Story: Supporting a major carrier’s corporate growth strategy

A key corporate strategic initiative is to grow through opportunistic acquisition of blocks of business. In order to effectively implement this growth-through-acquisition strategy, the carrier needs to quickly and efficiently move the newly acquired blocks of business to their single platform policy administration system, PDMA’s LifePRO®. One of the carrier’s technical core competencies is their knowledge of the LifePRO system and their ability to maintain a scalable model at a low incremental cost. The carrier has chosen to remain focused on this core competency and leverage partnerships with other technology experts to utilize their respective products and services as needed to support the corporate acquisition and growth effort. Having just acquired a book of business that required the conversion of 30,000 fixed annuities, the carrier looked for a trusted partner who could spearhead the data conversion portion of the project.