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Financial Planning

This module provides financial advisors with a range of comprehensive, fully customizable and easy-to-use tools designed to create a compliant overview of a client’s current situation and future financial needs.

Also available as part of our Equisoft/analyze for advisors.




A must-have, regulatory-compliant tool to grow your business

The Financial Planning module offers advisors a precise assessment of a client’s current financial situation and future needs, including their financial profile (cash flow and net worth) as well as their retirement, education and life insurance needs.

It is available separately or as part of Equisoft/analyze for advisors, an integrated solution allowing advisors to build compelling wealth management plans for clients. Currently used by thousands of advisors worldwide, Equisoft/analyze for advisors leverages Equisoft’s more than 25 years of experience developing wealth-related tools.

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Key benefits for your business


Increase sales Engage more with clients and uncover new business opportunities.

Enhance the overall value proposition in an environment of increasing fee and regulatory sensitivity.

Improve operational efficiency Streamline processes with the right balance between comprehensive analysis and ease of use.

Take advantage of multiple integration points to optimize advisor workflows.

Find more time to build stronger client relationships.

Effectively track client progress Quickly and easily determine whether clients are on track concerning their financial, retirement, education and insurance objectives, and whether they can contribute more towards reaching their goals.
Recommend compliant-ready solutions Document critical client information in keeping with increasing compliance requirements.
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Value-added features
  • Advanced, easy-to-use multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting.
    Other languages available upon request.
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Tablet-friendly, mobile-ready and optimized for all browsers
  • Default field values to accelerate data entry
  • A Software-as-Service (SaaS) solution, with three major upgrades annually
  • Industry-leading client-friendly reports in PDF format
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Client Assessment

Net Worth

Uncover new opportunities through ”hidden” off-book assets.


Cash Flow

Identify additional contribution opportunities.

  • Advanced user interface featuring cutting-edge technology
  • Summary or detailed information data capture modes
  • Default fields to accelerate data entry
  • Shared data with other modules to eliminate duplication of data entry
  • Graphical summary and detailed table view options
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Retirement Needs Analysis

Quickly determine whether the client is on track to sustain their desired income throughout retirement.

  • Offers two ways to set retirement income needs: % of current net income or specific net amount
  • Flexibility to set any number of retirement income need periods
  • Presents asset accumulation/de-cumulation or retirement income views
  • Allows to efficiently create alternate scenarios using sliders
  • Current and alternate scenarios can be detailed in PDF report
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Education Needs Analysis

Quickly determine whether a client’s savings and asset accumulation is on track to fund their child’s post-secondary education.

  • Education needs assessment by considering different variables, including child’s current age, expected number of years in school, expected cost of studies
  • Efficiently create alternate scenarios using sliders, and immediately assess the impact of any changes to the current plan
  • Considers all applicable government grants
  • Auto-solve for additional savings contributions required
  • Graphic summary and detailed table view options
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Insurance Needs Analysis

Quickly determine the suitability of a client’s insurance coverage, including life, disability and critical illness.

  • Tool illustrating the importance of having the right amount of insurance
  • Detailed life insurance needs assessment by considering different variables: investor’s current age, expected retirement age, net income, liabilities and existing insurance coverage
  • Ability to consider assets to be liquidated upon death and liabilities that may already be insured
  • Efficiently creates alternate scenarios using sliders and immediately assess the impact of any changes to general assumptions
  • Graphic summary and detailed table view options
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Flexible licensing
  • Options include site license, scaled per user license or customized enterprise license models
  • Fixed-cost configuration and/or customization services available
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Got questions or want to request a demo?

Whether you have inquiries about insurance, wealth management or data migration, whether you are around the block or on the other side of the world, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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