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Roadmap for Successful IFRS 17 Implementation

May 12, 2021 | 11am EDT

IFRS 17 subject matter experts in accounting, data analytics and core system transformation will reveal the critical steps you need to take to become IFRS 17 compliant. Find out how to get your IFRS 17 transformation in gear.

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Speakers in our Accelerate Series help you put their expertise and experience into action for your business.

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IFRS17 Compliance

Solving the IFRS 17 Data Challenge for Life Insurance Leaders

Overcoming the significant data challenges presented by IFRS 17 will require the implementation of a solid insurance data foundation, good data integration techniques and the help of the right data integration partners.
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IFRS17 Compliance

IFRS 17: Choosing the Right Measurement Models for Success

Learn the three approaches to measuring liability of insurance products due to IFRS 17, and what particular data challenges each approach presents for an insurer.
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IFRS17 Compliance

Achieving IFRS 17 Compliance and Beyond - From Source Data to Reports & BI

Although the data, modelling and reporting challenges involved in achieving IFRS 17 compliance are significant, the work done in order to prepare for the new standards can also create significant opportunities for insurers.
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