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Grow Your Business With Our Asset Allocation & Wealth Analysis Tool

Our all-in-one platform increases financial advisor productivity, optimizes operational efficiency, and enhances the investor experience. Ideal for individual advisors, broker/dealers, RIAs and fund companies.

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Equisoft/analyze for advisors is a comprehensive asset allocation and wealth analysis tool.

Create Persuasive Investment Proposals, IPS and/or Portfolio Analysis Reports

Analyze advisor Guided Investment Portfolio Recommendations

Guided Investment Portfolio Recommendations

Our proprietary 4 step process aligns recommendations with investor’s risk profiles.

Analyze advisor Perform Investment Portfolio Analytics on Recommendations 2

Perform Investment & Portfolio Analytics on Recommendations

Address suitability & know-your-product guidelines with over 20 different institutional-grade analytic metrics. Analytics are based on information from reliable third-party data providers (and even your own custom data feed) and can include mutual funds, ETFs, SMAs, stocks, segregated funds and variable annuities. Eliminates extra software needs.

Analyze advisor Empower Recommendations with Flexible Hypotheticals

Empower Recommendations With Flexible “Hypotheticals”

Analysis variables include timeframe, account inflows/outflows, distributions reinvestment, rebalancing thresholds and account tax status.

What You Need to Know About the New Client Experience Landscape

Complement Portfolio Recommendations With an Assessment of the Client’s Financial Needs

Elevate the Client—Advisor Relationship With Our Client Portal Module

Analyze advisor Find More Time for Clients

Find More Time for Clients

Automate tedious tasks that often take advisors and support away from more valuable activities.

Analyze advisor Define Your Level of Interaction

Define Your Level of Interaction

Go full “robo” for a portion of your client base or create a hybrid solution with advisor interaction in a mobile app environment.

Analyze advisor Convenient Secure and Always Open

Convenient, Secure, and Always Open

More channels of access and real time interaction can lead to higher client satisfaction and retention.

Ideal for Wealth Management and Retirement Firms With Specific Needs and Budget Requirements

Choose From Three Implementations:

  • Adopt: Off the shelf, budget friendly, quick-to start option available
  • Configure: Include your brand, product shelf, and portfolio models with our configuration options
  • Build: Implement your most unique requirements by working directly with our experienced implementation team

The Most Comprehensive Asset Allocation and Wealth Analysis Tool for Advisors


Third-party data providers plus custom data feeds

1,3 M +

Investment codes

675,000 +

Unique investment options, mutual funds, ETFs & stocks

326 M +

Rows of data

Equisoft/analyze suite and Client Portal allows financial advisors to offer holistic life and wealth solutions that are scaled to the client’s needs, and the client can choose to interact with us in-person, by phone or online.


Program Director, Wealth Management Strategy

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Jonathan Georges

Jonathan Georges

Vice President, Wealth Industry Principal

Jonathan is a wealth management expert known for implementing digital solutions that increase both efficiency and assets under management.

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Transform Your Advisors Into Holistic Financial Experts

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  • Strategies for creating a centralized advisor hub
  • Keys to streamlining workflows and centralizing data
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