Equisoft Pay 1200x630

Simplify the Complexity of Pension Payroll Administration & Reporting

Pensions payment software that automates payroll operations and reporting with support for every type of pension payroll and payment, and frequency.

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An automated pension payroll and reporting solution that supports flexible payment schedules for quicker payroll processes and less overheads.

Powerful, Flexible, Payment and Pension Processing

Equisoft/pay lets you process and manage every type of payment, return, reclaim, cancellation or adjustment and make ad-hoc payments whilst still supporting multiple payroll cycles, from weekly to yearly and everything in between. Process multiple annuity or drawdown arrangements within one payroll account, ensure the best tax treatment for your client, and fulfil payments with BACS, cheque, and more.

1 Pay Annual Updates

Annual Updates for Calculation and Reporting

Calculation and reporting needs are updated annually so you’re always current.

2 Pay Tax Workings

Hyper Detailed Tax Workings and Calculations

With a member’s current data and our “what-if” tool to see all the implications.

3 Pay Processing Deductions

Processing for All Types of Deductions

Calculate both pre and post-tax deductions, including Gift Aid, health care, court orders and child maintenance payments.

Taxing Pensions Tax

Audit Friendly Reporting and Reconciliation

Every Kind of Pension and Annuity Payment, Any Frequency

  • Regular payments
  • Death benefits
  • Flexi-access
  • Trivialities and small pots
  • Process returns, reclaims, cancellations and adjustments
  • Supports RTI reporting and HMRC data updates
  • Tax calculations and payment deductions
  • Tax record management and reconciliation
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The difference to our payroll process is huge; two days of effort has been reduced to 20 minutes. The added benefit is that we can now feel completely confident that each and every client has been taxed correctly.


Hargreaves Lansdown

Install Options With Complete Control Over Your Configuration and Systems

Take the Complexity Out of Your Pension Payroll Operations