Celent Getting Value from Data Research

Getting Value from Data: An Insurer’s Perspective


Data has the potential to transform the life insurance industry. We hear the message loud and clear at every convention, in every webinar and in a flood of articles, white papers and videos. Big data and AI will revolutionize our very traditional business. Analytics will create opportunities for next-level customer engagement. And yet—most insurers have not realized these benefits in their own organizations. We wanted to understand the size and nature of the gap that seems to exist between the data hype and the realities on the ground.

We commissioned this research with Celent to uncover:

  • What CIOs are actually doing with their data today
  • What challenges they face in leveraging data
  • Which areas have provided immediate value
  • What their priorities are for their next data projects

This research will help insurers to plan, prioritize and make investment decisions about how to unlock the strategic value of their data — and create new, potentially transformative growth, process optimization, and customer experience improvement opportunities.

Celent Getting Value from Data Research

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