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Electronic Application

This advanced wizard goes beyond the generic smart form by enabling simple, speedy data entry for insurance policy submissions and servicing.

Available with InsuranceElements, as part of our Equisoft Composite
or as a separate module.




Convenient. Configurable. Connected… or not.

Apply for the policy in real time with the Equisoft eApp module and update your existing coverage in the same environment. Import illustrations and client data automatically from InsuranceElements Illustrations module or other illustration software, from your CRM platform or start from scratch. Electronically or vocally sign forms for submission or intermediary underwritings. Our eApp module is ideal for carriers wanting to differentiate themselves by offering an outstanding user experience to advisors and their clients across all interactions, from new business submissions to claims.

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Key attributes
Easily configurable (XML) forms and PDF exports Improve time-to-market with new products and react more quickly to customer feedback on usability.
Entirely built on worldwide adopted ACORD standards, enabling easy integrations with third-party integration systems and policy administration systems Easily integrate with CRM, Illustrations and Policy Administration platforms to avoid double entry.
E-Signature for full straight-through process Capture market share by improving the ease of doing business.
Step-by-step or loose navigation mode to fit different audiences (advisors, home office, marketing assistants, tele-applications, etc.) Support new distribution channels and fine-tune application process for each channel to improve throughput.
Notification and workflow capabilities Support distributors in case management during the sales process.
Lock and full traceability for audit and legal bindings Ensure compliance with increasingly demanding transparency and auditing regulations.
Attachments and notes enabled to create single packages submissions Create a completely paperless experience for advisors and clients.
Streamlined digital experience across the full sales process: needs analysis, sales strategies, quoting and illustration, e-app, underwriting and in-force servicing.   Make it easier for agents to do business with you and increase upsell opportunities.
Omni channel access: Web, disconnected, mobile Improve time-to-market and reduce cost of releasing new products.
Multilingual: English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting Have an edge on competitors by engaging with clients in their native language.
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Engage customers
with multiple deployment options
through a single implementation
  • Configure once, distribute everywhere (both online web and an internet disconnected computer)
  • Use any platform to create electronic applications
  • Web version supports all major browsers
  • Run from a tablet or smartphone
    Run full illustrations without Internet access (data will synchronize when Internet is accessible)
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Powerful configuration engine
  • Configures application forms without requiring changes to the source code
  • Allows for independent form configuration and quicker time-to-market
  • Supports different versions of the forms
  • Easily and quickly adapts to users’ feedback and experiences
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Digital bridge across all business processes
  • Full transaction support for application submission, policy changes, beneficiary changes, address changes, payment and claims
  • Completely and seamlessly integrates with your existing portals while providing all the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution
  • Supports agent mode and customer mode capture
  • Easily configures the data entry process to best  fit the natural entry order, without being bound to the application form order.
  • Quickly defines dynamic web questionnaires with required or conditional questions, sections or complete optional form, as well as complex field layout, masks, fonts and colors without code changes.
  • Document center to view applications, policies and other correspondence
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Flexible pricing and licensing

Electronic Application features low cost of ownership and flexible pricing options, allowing insurers to select their optimum model.

  • Available as a separate module or integrated in Equisoft InsuranceElements Suite
  • On-premise licensing (options include net premium written, by CPU/enterprise/LOB, etc.) or Cloud/Software as a service (SaaS) (options include per user, per illustration/quote, per application)
  • Customized pricing options available (e.g. Performance-based pricing)
  • Fixed-price implementation available
  • Product license or license/implementation package
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This advanced wizard goes beyond the generic smart form by enabling simple, speedy data entry for insurance policy submissions and servicing.

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