Equisoft for Wealth Advisors

Our advisor solutions help you focus on client needs with a suite of products that automate the more tedious parts of your business so you can focus more on delivering real value.


The Modern Advisor’s Toolkit

Front Office

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Position Yourself as a Valuable Asset

Easily assess retirement strategies from every angle, including education planning and life insurance needs. Create persuasive investment proposals and wealth plans that make you indispensable to clients.

Equisoft/analyze guides you through the process. Its integrations eliminate time consuming tasks like manual data entry, so you can focus more on your investor’s needs.

Advisor focused CRM

Manage Client Relationships With More Efficiency

Integrate with back-offices, custodians and data aggregation services to auto populate investment account details. Leaving you spending more time with clients, not their data.

Equisoft/connect is an advisor focused CRM specifically designed for the needs of wealth advisors. It understands how your role depends on effectively managing relationships, and is loaded with features designed to optimize your time for it.

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Level Up on Building Better Financial Futures

Deliver incredibly comprehensive financial portraits of your client’s present situation, with the kind of integrated guidance that makes you more effective at improving their future.

Equisoft/plan is an all-in-on wealth planning solution used by thousands of advisors. It also helps with one of the most time consuming and difficult areas of your business — compliance.

The Changing Paradigm for Investment Advisor Growth

Equisoft Is Respected Industry Wide For Efficiency and Ease of Use

In the near 30 years that I have worked in this industry, I have been looking for comprehensive software that will allow me to best serve my clients. The tool offered by Equisoft is very comprehensive and once you know how to fully utilize all the capabilities it is second to none (and I have used more than a few).


Jonathan Georges

Jonathan Georges

Vice President, Wealth Industry Principal

Jonathan is a wealth management expert known for implementing digital solutions that increase both efficiency and assets under management.

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Transform Your Advisors Into Holistic Financial Experts

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