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Our insurance solutions are tailored for banks & national accounts. They provide unique insights into the sales and servicing pipeline, and help you with tracking and cross-sell opportunities, while maximizing customer value across lines of business.


Bank & National Accounts Insurance Toolkit

Back Office

Insurance agency management

Optimize Your Lead Generation Efforts

Accelerate and manage your insurance and retirement pipeline by tracking leads from all lines of business and supporting business development.

Equisoft/centralize gives banks and national accounts a modern solution for increasing visibility into agents’ production and sales efforts.

The Optimization of Life Insurance Distribution

Front Office

advisor focused CRM

Accelerate Your Sales Productivity

Empower advisors and relationship managers with a 360 degree view of their client portfolios.

Equisoft/connect is specifically designed to maximize visibility and productivity through lead management, smart client segmentation and automation of tasks.

Equisoft/analyze for advisors

Implement Effective Financial Planning

Support advisors with state-of-the-art financial needs analysis that helps to determine and demonstrate the need for insurance coverage and retirement products

Equisoft/plan empowers both experienced and junior advisors with a structured wealth management process that includes insurance and investment products.

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Explore Equisoft Insights for bank or national account ideas, solutions, and inspiration.

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Policy Administration System

IT Transformation in Life Insurance, Bancassurance and Wealth Management in India

Check out Naintara Sahay's key takeaways from Equisoft's CIO Roundtable in Mumbai, India.
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Ebook How to Create an Effective Cross Selling System for Your Practice

Advisor Productivity

How to Create an Effective Cross-Selling System for Your Practice

Unlock the full potential of your practice by learning the valuable technique of cross-selling in our latest eBook.
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Asset Allocation and Wealth Analysis

The Evolving Investment Distribution Landscape

The evolving investment distribution landscape is changing! Here's how technology & AI can help us conserve our most precious resource: time.
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