Back Office Automation with Pension Investment & Administration System

Despite the high-profile of digital FinTech, most of the heavy-lifting in Financial Services goes on behind the scenes. It may not be pretty but, making sure that transactions are recorded, routed to the right place and synchronised is what makes the industry tick.

Our products help financial services companies automate and streamline their back-office operations

*Currently only available in the UK.

Wrapper & Asset Transfer

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ISA & Asset Transfer Automation

Meet the market leading transfer automation software. Equisoft/transfer offers platforms, pension administrators, wealth managers, custodians and fund managers a comprehensive solution for automated account transfers and asset re-registration.

It supports the industry's widest range of tax wrappers and asset types. Equisoft/transfer handles bulk account transfers and asset migrations, and provides full support for the TeX recommended standards, BACS Cash ISA service and manual counterparties (fax, post and emails).

  • Formerly Altus Transfer Gateway - ATG

Pension Administration Tools

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Pension Fusion (Pensions Dashboards ISP)

Get ahead of compliance complexities and build your business around insights from the first integrated services provider for the UK Pensions Dashboards Program (PDP).

Pension Fusion supports you through connecting to the PDP with services backed by decades of knowledge and proven expertise in pensions systems and data.

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Pension Payroll Gateway & HMRC Reporting

Specifically designed to cater for pension freedoms, Equisoft/pay offers dedicated support for all types of pension and annuity payments, multiple payroll cycles and supports flexible payroll frequency across a wide range of product types, employers and administration functions.

Equisoft/pay provides detailed tax workings and calculations and support flexible processing for pre- and post-tax deductions. Pensions and annuity administrators get a clear view of all payments and tax across all customers and employees and have a full audit trail of transactions and calculations.

  • Formerly Altus Pension Gateway (APG)

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