IFRS 17 - LTDI Compliance

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The biggest change to insurance compliance in 20+ years. As a trusted Oracle partner, we're best suited to help you with the demand of this new standard while adhering to best practices and interpretations.

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Take control of the IFRS 17 challenge and ensure full compliance. Our experts are here to help.

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Our Proprietary Implementation Blueprint Controls Cost, and Keeps Risk Low

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IFRS 17 Demands Greater Actuarial, Accounting and Compliance Alignment

Our solution creates a single source of analytical truth that hosts all insurance data sets, and feeds the IFRS 17 calculation engine. The reporting platform brings discrete functions together, with the right granularity, and full accuracy.

Leading Experts on How to Get Your IFRS 17 Compliance Transformation in Gear

Only Our Future Proof IFRS 17 Solution Delivers These Results

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Leverage the Best Insurance & Data Expertise in the Industry

With more than 25 years’ experience, and over 200 successful projects completed, we’re enabled and trusted by Oracle to work with an international client roster for IFRS 17 implementations with more benefits, and less risk.

Avoid Impact on Revenue & Profit-and-Loss Recognition. Our audit team adjusts levels of aggregation so your contract portfolios are managed perfectly. We will do that while ensuring your project is fully future proof for IFRS 17 requirements.

Venkata Krishnan Srinivasan

Business Solutions Consultant, Equisoft

Ruben Veerasamy

Ruben Veerasamy

Senior Vice President, Caribbean

Ruben has over 20 years of modernization experience. He is an expert in bridging the analytical perspective of an engineer with the holistic view of a project manager.

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3 Critical Challenges to Achieving and Surpassing IFRS-17 Compliance

Solve the 3 critical challenges in IFRS 17 Compliance:

  • Data requirements
  • Choosing the right measurement approach
  • Moving from source data to reporting and beyond
EQUISOFT e Book Tackling 3 Critical Challenges to Achieve Surpass IFRS 17 Compliance

We’re the Only IFRS Implementor You’ll Need

  • Experts in the critical tenets of IFRS 17 success
  • The best insurance accounting analyzer out there
  • Certified by Oracle as their #1 implementeor
  • Worldwide experience

Take Control of IFRS 17 - LTDI Compliance