Increase Client Engagement With Insurance Agent & Broker Software

This suite of digital products, designed specifically for the needs of insurance advisors, helps you to generate and manage leads, stand out from the competition, and deliver an outstanding customer experience.


The Modern Advisor’s Toolkit

Front Office

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Make Client Relationships Less About Maintenance

Automate the mundane, but important aspects of customer relationship management so you can focus more on parts that deliver the most value.

Equisoft/connect is a CRM for insurance professionals that automatically syncs customer and policy data across carriers. This game changing feature generates a 360-degree view of your customer that enables you to assess their needs in seconds.

Equisoft/analyze for advisors

Deliver Comprehensive, Compliant Financial Planning

Take the complexity out of extensive financial planning, and get help with maintaining compliance with an easy to use tool that’s flexible and affordable.

Equisoft/plan guides you through the creation of a complete financial portrait of your client, makes recommendations for their future, and automates compliance.

How to Create an Effective Cross-Selling System for Your Practice

Take Your Business Further

Explore Equisoft Insights for insurance advisor ideas, solutions, and inspiration.

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Financial Needs Analysis

Re-Thinking FNAs to Accelerate Growth for Advisors and Distributors

Unlock the true power of FNAs and uncover opportunities to easily and significantly grow advisor practices.
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Financial Needs Analysis

Use SWOT to Understand the True State of Your Practice

Know where you are today use a SWOT to determine where you could be tomorrow.
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Agency Management System

An Integrated Approach to Adding Value for Advisors

How MGA's can add value to an advisors practice and navigate the changing insurance distribution landscape.
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