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Rob McIsaac - Insider Insights: Solving the biggest CX challenges in insurance

Policy Administration System

Overcoming the Hurdles to Increasing Speed to Market in the Life Insurance Industry

At a time when all carriers are facing volatility on many fronts, it has never been more important to be able to rapidly adapt products and processes

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Wholesaler Productivity

How to Increase Wholesaler Effectiveness and Add Value to Advisor Practices

Technology, fee transparency, increased competition and increased customer expectations have disrupted the wealth management industry.
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Policy Administration System

How Modern Insurance Policy Administration Systems Improve Customer Experience

How to close the gap between insurance customer expectations and experience with insurance policy administration systems
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Policy Administration System

How Disruptive Change can Bring Positive Transformation

In order to thrive during and after the digital transformation, MGAs will need to start the process of redefining the way they bring value to their clients, the advisors.
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Shaping the Industry of the Future

The projects we’ve completed have built our reputation for tackling the toughest industry challenges, the most complex modernization, and the most difficult data migrations.

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Policy Administration System

Succeed in the Next Era of Digital Innovation: Core Insurance Software

Equisoft's CEO, Luis Romero, shares his insights on what 25 years of experience has taught us and the next era of innovation in core insurance software.
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Asset Allocation and Wealth Analysis

What Asset Managers Should Know About Successful Digital Transformation

We sat down with Equisoft’s Shawn Gillespie, Vice President, Wealth Solutions, USA, to discuss the changes sweeping through the wealth industry and how Equisoft can help manufacturers, distributors and advisors succeed in their digital transformation.
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Papers Flying Desk Dark

Agency Management System

What Every Insurance Distributor Needs to Know About Agency Management Systems

Learn about what's happening in the independent insurance channel and how Agency Management Systems are benefiting MGAs and advisors.
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Insurance Insights

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IFRS17 Compliance

Achieving IFRS 17 Compliance & Beyond - Source Data, Insurance Contracts & BI

Although the data, modelling and reporting challenges involved in achieving IFRS 17 compliance are significant, the implementation work done in order to prepare for the new standards can also create significant opportunities for insurers.
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Self-Service Portals

2 Ways Digital Agent & Customer Self-Service Portals are Good for Your Practice

Technology advances cannot replace all advisors. Self-service portals can be advisor allies in the same way that advisors rely on their staff.
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Investment Insights

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Wholesaler Productivity

Overcome the Biggest Issues Facing Fund Wholesalers

Investment wholesalers are facing radical role redefinition which creates a need to seek out different ways to attract advisor attention.
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Financial Needs Analysis

Financial Advisor CRM and Asset Allocation Software Pitfalls

Avoid making the wrong financial advisor software choice both for financial advisor CRM and asset allocation software
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Roger has over 25 years experience in the life insurance industry and has helped countless carriers in their modernization journey. He’s an industry leader known for his thought leadership, strategy, and consulting expertise.

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Jan 2021: The Customer Empowered Future of Life Insurance

  • Customer empowerment will be the insurance product of the future
  • Huge volumes of shared client data will revolutionize product design
  • Insurance will shift to a prescribe and prevent model

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Customer Experience

Tackling Your Digital Customer Experience Challenges - Key Strategies For Life Insurance Carriers

The rapidly evolving life insurance landscape has presented challenges for carriers around the world. Join us as we look at emerging technologies that will influence the life insurance landscape of tomorrow.

Pandemic Disruption Beyond A New Vision For The Fund Wholesaler Role

Pandemic Disruption & Beyond: A New Vision For The Fund Wholesaler Role

Over the past few years we’ve seen the fund wholesaler role transition from a sales-focused to a more consultative approach. But now market uncertainty and pandemic pressures are accelerating the need for all wholesalers to redefine their role.

The Digital Future Of Distribution P S Its Happening Now

The Digital Future Of Distribution – P.S. It's Happening Now

Transformation timelines are getting pushed up. Join our round table discussion with top North American executives from NAILBA, CAILBA and CLIEDIS to find out how distributors are moving past crisis mode to create a road map through unprecedented change.

Getting Past Uncertainty How Distributors Broker Dealers Can Thrive In The New World

Getting Past Uncertainty: How Distributors & Broker-Dealers Can Thrive In The New World

Yesterday's wish list for digital transformation has become today's set of requirements. Join Equisoft and Celent to learn how distributors and broker/dealers can position themselves today to take advantage of the reopening and resurgent growth that will come.

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