Insurance Knowledge Hubs

Your source for industry expert and project veteran advice on avoiding project pitfalls and maximizing your return on digital transformation initiatives.

Each HUB is continuously updated with the latest data, best practices, and insights.

What topics do they cover?

Equisoft’s Knowledge Hubs are focused on the four most important drivers of digital transformation in the life insurance industry.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Experience in the Life Insurance Industry

This is an up-to-date resource about customer experience within life insurance. It serves as a centralized guide professionals can read to stay informed about the latest CX information, trends, customer expectations, technology, and the future of CX.


  • Who are life insurance customers and what are they looking for?
  • What are the biggest life insurance CX challenges?
  • Top life insurance CX best practices
  • How technology delivers improved CX
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Data Migration, Transformation and Integration in the Life Insurance Industry

This is an up-to-date and comprehensive insights into data migration, transformation, and integration within the insurance industry - from avoiding common migration pitfalls to implementing best practices and providing insurers with meaningful access to information for more informed decision-making.


  • How are life insurance carriers getting value from their data?
  • Challenges preventing insurers from realizing the full potential of their data
  • Common reasons why data migrations fail
  • Data migration best practices
  • Future data use cases: AI, Generative Language Models and analytics
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The Optimization of Life Insurance Distribution

This is an up-to-date, comprehensive resource for understanding and optimizing the distribution channel in the life insurance industry. Explore the current state, regional trends, and key challenges of life insurance distribution, along with insights into foundational technologies driving innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and engagement.


  • The current state of life insurance distribution
  • Life insurance distribution trends
  • Key life insurance distribution challenges
  • Benefits of optimizing life Insurance distribution
  • Technology-driven approaches to improving distribution
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Actionable Advice for Succeeding in your PAS Modernization

We delve into life insurance modernization and provide valuable insights from PAS modernization veterans, preparing you for what lies ahead. This is a step-by-step guide, equipping you with the knowledge and research necessary to migrate your Policy Administration System (PAS) for enhanced efficiency and innovation.


  • The decision to embark on PAS modernization
  • Challenges and opportunities in life insurance technology modernization
  • How to prepare for PAS modernization
  • How to evaluate potential Policy Admin System solutions
  • Conducting an RFI/RFP process
  • PAS implementation and execution

What is a Knowledge Hub?

An "Insurance Knowledge Hub" is a centralized online platform or resource that provides comprehensive information, insights, and tools related to the insurance industry. It's designed to be a go-to source for anyone seeking knowledge about various aspects of critical areas of interest within the insurance industry.

Key features of the Knowledge Hubs include:

  • Educational Resources: Insights into how technology is transforming the insurance industry.
  • Data and Analytics: Access relevant data, research studies, and analytical tools.
  • Best Practices: Information on industry best practices, case studies, and strategies for insurance industry stakeholders.
  • Technology trends and Innovation: Insights from industry experts, consultants, analysts, and association execs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Information on evolving requirements within the subject area and how they impact stakeholders.

Why are Knowledge Hubs useful to insurance stakeholders?

The Knowledge Hub are credible sources of information on the issues that are critical to insurance digital transformation success. The material within the hubs is useful to all stakeholders, including carriers, distributors, and advisors.

They are intended to enable insurance stakeholders to:

  • Increase industry knowledge
  • Avoid digital transformation project pitfalls and challenges
  • Find the best solutions to digital transformation issues
  • Improve planning of transformation projects and increase success rates
  • Discover what other execs and companies are having success with
  • Find out what analysts, associations, and consultants are saying about critical insurance issues

How do you use them?

Knowledge Hubs are valuable for insurance professionals, policyholders, students, and researchers seeking an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry.

Each hub covers a broad range of sub-topics relevant to its overall subject, giving a 360-degree perspective of the overall discipline. They are built to aggregate information and provide easy access to answers to the most fundamental questions about the topic.

But they also contain a multitude of links to deeper explorations of each idea/sub-topic so that readers can gain a deeper understanding of the aspects of the topic most interesting and relevant to them.

They can be read like a long article. But, since they contain videos, research snippets, podcast clips, and a whole range of different media people may choose to dip in and out of the Hub in different places according to their interests. The hubs will be consistently updated as new information, interviews, quotes, and statistics becomes available.

And, since the Hubs contain so many links to other content that drills down into specific sub-topics, readers will often follow paths based on curiosity at that moment that leads to more and more pages and satisfies desires for more detailed information.