Equisoft/manage Rated as a Top PAS Solution in Celent LATAM Report

The latest Celent Policy Administration Systems: LATAM Life Insurance Edition (2021 Spectrum Report, Powered by VendorMatch) named Equisoft as a Luminary vendor and Policy Administration System solution. The report, which profiled 17 solutions for LATAM life, pension and annuities products, classified Equisoft/manage in the top category because of its advanced technology and breadth of functionality

Read the report to find out:

  • Equisoft's experience and expertise
  • Equisoft/manage functionality
  • Equisoft's approach to on-premises vs cloud hosting
  • The API capabilities of Equisoft/manage
LUMINARY Ranking Equisoft ENG

Equisoft/Manage Named a Top Solution for Insurers

  • It is a SaaS, out-of-the-box, modern PAS that is a foundational solution for insurers engaged in digital transformation.
  • It can be hosted on public or private cloud solutions.
  • It supports all product lines.
  • It supports all core functionalities and business processes, from quoting and claims administration to payouts.
  • It is configurable by the client across all identified categories through business or IT tools.
  • It supports all API needs identified by Celent.

Equisoft/manage is a SaaS policy administration solution using low-risk, production ready digital business processes.