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Data Migration

Equisoft offers insurance data conversion through its subsidiary
Universal Conversion Technologies, the only company in the world devoted to migrating data for life and annuity insurers. We take data migration off your critical path so you can focus more on growing your business.

Also available as part of our turnkey insurance solution Equisoft/manage.




Our data migration approach: Unique and effective

At Equisoft, we really understand how to do data migration. We look at a project from a business perspective rather than just a technical standpoint. We believe that what matters most is to grasp the difference between the logic and implementation of the source system and how products will run on the new system.

To achieve that, we bring together extensive insurance expertise, agile methodology and the Data Conversion Architect (DCA), an exclusive, versatile and proven toolset. In addition, we help lower costs by using small, highly experienced teams with deep industry knowledge; almost all team members have grown up in insurance company back-offices and have been on our staff for over 10 years on average.

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There’s more to data migration than meets the eye

Many people tend to think of ‘data migration’ as being a simple export and import of data from one system to another. At the highest level, that’s not a bad way to think of it. But even the simplest-looking data migration project presents a certain measure of complexity. In reality, the degree to which data is transformed can be quite significant. A lot of data needs to be added or augmented, and almost every data element is ‘converted’ in some way.

To achieve successful and cost-effective data migrations, Equisoft automates the process by integrating the development, testing and reporting of converted data using templates and tools (datamaps and conversion logic) – into its solutions to meet the client’s specific needs. In addition, a rigorous balancing process is applied to every value to ensure quality.

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Data Conversion Architect:
A proven track record

DCA has been a key to our success on hundreds of data migration projects for insurance and other clients.

Embracing modern, legacy and proprietary data formats, it was designed and enhanced over the years to become the very best toolset for bringing complex and difficult legacy and modern data types into new system environments.

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Valuable features

DCA takes the guesswork out of data migration. It is a uniquely powerful and nimble web-based collaboration toolset developed in-house and used by our experts to implement cost-effective data migration solutions. In addition, DCA is available for licensing to insurers, system vendors and system integrators who want to successfully run their own data migration projects.

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  • Used on hundreds of projects – successfully converting in excess of 99.9% of data on each


  • Reduces risks associated with data migrations by making data visible early in the lifecycle, so testing intentionally can start early.
  • Produces everything necessary to avoid common data migration errors.
  • Automatically generates the audit reporting needed before moving into production.


  • Turns business analysts into programmers, therefore reducing dependency on programmer-analysts (less than one per project).
  • Facilitates complex migration projects on a compressed schedule.


  • Security is not compromised since the conversion system is executed in a secure zone within the customer infrastructure.


  • Creates user-friendly documentation directly from migration logic, so it is synchronized and usable.
  • Manages project files in a virtual library that reflects data migration structure.
  • Generates validations and automates common lifecycle tasks.
  • Identifies data inconsistencies and corrects various anomalies based on business rules, so data can be transformed and/or cleansed before being converted.


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End-to-end solutions, shorter timelines

We cover every aspect of data migration and conversion, from study and planning to data auditing and cleansing, right through to execution and verification.

Using the DCA toolset, we eliminate the costly co-dependence between business analysts and programmers, and the need to return repeatedly to the drawing board.

DCA allows us to transform and cleanse the data before converting it, thereby reducing timeframes and conversion costs by an estimated 40 to 60%.

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Customized process

Traditional software development methodologies fail when applied to data migrations.

DCA allows us to develop a data migration architecture that is tailored to a client’s operations, including project scope, timeline, cost estimate and all possible options to consider.

We generate thorough conversion documentation and produce detailed artifacts for the conversion team and their constituencies – a huge advantage compared to other tools.


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