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Equisoft’s integrated suite of sales and engagement tools for the insurance industry optimizes advisor performance through a broad range of comprehensive, flexible and advanced features.

Also available in separate modules or as part of Equisoft Composite offering.




The leading digital insurance solution

With its InsuranceElements suite, Equisoft allows forward-looking insurers to better compete on user experience, speed-to-market, upselling and other critical aspects to achieving success in the marketplace. This user-friendly, easily configurable system streamlines the digital experience across the full sales process: needs analysis, quoting and illustrations, sales strategies, e-App, as well as policy servicing and claims through a self-service portal.

Equisoft InsuranceElements is one of the most advanced digital systems in the insurance sector. Fully compatible with all existing platforms, it uses nextgeneration technology that integrates seamlessly with various calculation engines, including Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity (OIPA). Preferred by many insurers in the United States and elsewhere, InsuranceElements leverages Equisoft’s deep expertise in the insurance industry spanning over 20 years.


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Key benefits for your business


Simplify front-end processes Reduce complexity with a single application for life, health and annuity product lines.

Streamline digital experience across the full sales process: needs analysis, sales strategies, quoting and illustrations, eApp, underwriting and in-force servicing.

Make it easier for agents to do business with you

Become autonomous by personalizing in-house the easytoconfigure user interface.

Increase productivity Improve time-to-market and reduce cost of releasing new products.

Provide new and effective upsell opportunities.

Lower cost of ownership.

Provide a superior user experience Take advantage of a layered architecture to fully customize the user interface (UI) across platforms without changing the core product.

Use the application programming interface (API) to integrate with external calculation engines such as Oracle Insurance Policy Administration

  • Generate the best documents and graphics of illustration results.

Save time with a disconnected version that uses the same application code as the desktop version.

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Value-added features
  • Advanced, easy-to-use multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting (other languages available upon request)
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Omni channel access: Web, disconnected, mobile
  • Tablet-friendly, mobile-ready and optimized for all browsers
  • State-of-the-art technology (RIA)
  • ACORD-based data exchange
  • Default field values to accelerate data entry
  • A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, with three major upgrades annually
  • Industry-leading client-friendly reports in PDF format


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Financial Needs Analysis module

Full range of comprehensive, customizable and easy-to-use tools designed to create a compliant overview of a client’s current situation and future needs, particularly with regard to insurance.

  • Quickly determine the suitability of a client’s insurance coverage, including life, disability and critical illness.
  • Easily generate an FNA document required for the sale of insurance products, in compliance with many jurisdictions.

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Illustrations module

State-of-the-art sales tool delivering industry-leading solutions for easy policy illustrating and quote building of complex products across multiple platforms.

  • Recognized as the Canadian gold standard for life insurance illustrations
  • Fully customizable for a superior customer and advisor experience
  • Integration of electronic proposal processing application for automated processing

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Electronic Application module

Advanced wizard far beyond the generic smart form, enabling simple, speedy data entry for insurance policy submissions and servicing.

  • Import illustrations and client data automatically from Equisoft Illustrations module or other illustration software.
  • Electronically or vocally sign forms for submission or intermediary underwritings.
  • Ensure compliance with increasingly demanding transparency and auditing regulations.

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Client Portal module

This digital, mobile-friendly platform allows insurance companies and their advisors to leverage “robo” technologies to deliver their clients a superior insurance assessment experience.

  • Automate many of the timeconsuming prospecting, data capture, onboarding and servicing tasks usually performed by insurance advisors and support staff.
  • Choose from a totally digital solution to full advisory service, and anything in between.

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Single implementation.
Multiple deployments.

Web and Desktop

  • Configure once, distribute everywhere (both online web and an internet disconnected computer)
  • Same user experience on both connected and disconnected versions (user interface, reports, calculation logic, rates tables and rules), meaning lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Run full illustrations without Internet access
  • Illustrations data will synchronize when Internet is accessible


  • Generate mobile applications for all platforms using Xamarin
  • QuickQuote web feature for mobile quoting without the native app
  • Automatic sharing of rules (rates and products) between web and stand-alone versions
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Flexible licensing

The Equisoft InsuranceElements suite features flexible pricing options to meet the different needs of carriers.

  • Available as an integrated end-to-end solution or in separate modules (i.e. Financial Needs Analysis, Illustrations and Sales Strategies, eApp, Self-service Portal)
  • On-premise licensing (options include net premium written, enterprise or LOB) or Cloud/Software as a service (SaaS) (options include per user, per illustration/quote, per application)
  • Customized license models also available, subject to a feasibility study
  • Fixed-cost configuration and customization services available
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Consult the Novarica Survey

This report asks tenUS and Canadian insurer CIOs and IT leaders about challenges and limitations of their current illustration system, and their thoughts on what is important in a replacement system.


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Seeking digital transformation with minimal risk and maximum flexibility?

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