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Critical Resourcing Decisions that Ensure the Success of your PAS Modernization Project

Mistakes made in incorrect or insufficient resourcing of your PAS modernization project can be costly. These projects will create the foundation of your digital transformation for years to come, and they’re too expensive and too important to fail to deliver maximum value.

That’s why we interviewed veterans of numerous modernization projects, to bring you invaluable insights from their experience into how to effectively plan a PAS modernization project so that you avoid traps, pitfalls and challenges that can beset these complex initiatives.

Read this eBook to find out how to ensure your project has the right resources to ensure it’s success, including:

  • External team resource needs
  • Internal team critical roles
  • Resourcing pitfalls and solutions
  • Responsibilities and commitment considerations
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What is in this eBook?


The importance of getting resources right

Vendor team composition

Internal team composition

3 strategies for ensuring resource availability

  • Are you properly staffed? At the right time?
  • Resource scheduling
  • Make sure the resources are fully committed

A note for carriers with limited resources

Wrap up

Why This eBook Is a Must-Read 

PAS modernization projects can be career-defining for many insurance executives. When executed well they create the foundation for all other digital transformation along the policy life cycle. This eBook contains best practices and successful approaches to resourcing a project that is primed for success. It is created directly from the experiences of senior project managers, business analysts and systems architects and showcases the ‘from-the-trenches’ advice they learned the hard way.

 Smart Questions that Lead to Smart Plans 

This eBook contains the smart questions you and your team should be asking as you assemble resources for PAS modernization. The answers to these questions will shape your plan so that project risk is greatly reduced.

Practical Advice for PAS Success 

This eBook is not just an informative guide; it's a practical tool designed to improve your ability to anticipate PAS modernization project risks and plan to remove them from your critical path.

Don't leave the success of your PAS modernization project to chance. Download "Critical Resourcing Decisions that Ensure the Success of your PAS Modernization Project" to ensure you're fully prepared to get the most from your new PAS investment.