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Equisoft’s illustration sales tool provides industry-leading solutions for easy, state-of-the-art policy illustrating and quote building across multiple platforms.

Available with InsuranceElements , as part of our Equisoft Composite
or as a separate module.




The gold standard for life insurance illustrations

As individual life insurers look for ways to better compete on customer experience, illustration tools have become very important in the sales process. Recognized as the most user-friendly illustration system on the Canadian market, InsuranceElements illustrations module is designed for carriers who want to differentiate themselves by offering an outstanding and customized user experience to advisors and their clients.

Our solution supports all life, annuity and health products, enabling each to have its specific flow between illustration and e-app depending on your needs. This module is fully compatible with all existing platforms and uses next-generation technology that integrates seamlessly with various calculation engines, including Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity (OIPA).

The latest version of InsuranceElements illustrations module, released in December 2016, allows advisors to easily quote and illustrate more advanced and complex products, including variable life products and imbedded sales strategies.


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Key attributes
Features Benefits
Full life, health and annuity product lines Reduce complexity by providing a single application for all lines.
Streiamlined digital experience across the full sales process: needs analysis, sales strategies, quoting and illustration, e-app, underwriting and in-force servicing.   Make it easier for agents to do business with you and increase upsell opportunities.
Omni channel access: Web, disconnected, mobile Improve time-to-market and reduce cost of releasing new products.
Multilingual: English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting Have an edge on competitors by engaging with clients in their native language.
Layered architecture providing carriers the ability to completely customize the UI without changing the core product, across platforms Completely integrate the solution UI with the rest of your applications to provide a superior customer and agent experience.
Complete access to modify the carrier layer code Update the UI and improve integration with other systems frequently, independently of vendor.
API to integrate with external calculation engines such as Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Reuse investments from other projects like policy administration or prior illustrations and eliminate calculation discrepancies.
Continuous adjustments and analytics to fine-tune user experience Get feedback on how users are engaging with you, what works and what doesn’t, to support continuous innovation.
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Single implementation.
Multiple deployments.

Web and Desktop

  • Configure once, distribute everywhere (both online web and an internet disconnected computer)
  • Same user experience on both connected and disconnected versions (user interface, reports, calculation logic, rates tables and rules), meaning lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Run full illustrations without Internet access
  • Illustrations data will synchronize when Internet is accessible



  • Generate mobile applications for all platforms using Xamarin
  • QuickQuote web feature for mobile quoting without the native app
  • Automatic sharing of rules (rates and products) between web and stand-alone versions
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User-friendly, customizable, powerful design
  • State-of-the-art user interface
  • Dynamic modern graphics
  • Supports extensive personalization to match your product go-to-market strategy without changing the core system or jeopardizing the ability to upgrade
  • Easy-to-understand industry-leading reports
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Architected for full flexibility

Equisoft illustration sales tool integrates with any existing calculation engine. But when integrated with the OIPA platform, they share the same calculation engine, so the configuring of new products needs only to be done once. Also, discrepancies are eliminated, resulting in scenarios that match to the penny.

  • Complete control over UI and product calcs via code injections, XML configuration and rules
  • Core services and UI components that are upgradable but are the same for all clients
  • Product layer that is released independently and contains templates and components that are specific to lines of business
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Flexible pricing and licensing

Our illustrations solution features low cost of ownership and flexible pricing options, allowing insurers to select their optimum model.

  • Available as a separate module or integrated in Equisoft’s InsuranceElements Suite
  • On-premise licensing (options include net premium written, by CPU/enterprise/LOB, etc.) or Cloud/Software as a service (SaaS) (options include per user, per illustration/quote, per application)
  • Customized pricing options available (e.g. Performance-based pricing)
  • Fixed-price implementation available
  • Product license or license/implementation package
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