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Asset Allocation Analyst

The AAA module is a sales-oriented, compliance-friendly
application allowing advisors to efficiently prepare compelling
investment proposals in four easy steps.

Also available as part of the WealthElementsTM Advisor suite.




Develop simple to advanced investment portfolio recommendations and grow sales

The Asset Allocation Analyst (AAA) module is a comprehensive web-based tool designed to help advisors effectively create Investment Policy Statements (IPS) and conduct simple to advanced portfolio analytics. In fact, the AAA platform put Equisoft on the map in 1994, breaking new ground with its industry-leading functionality.

The AAA module is available separately or as part of the WealthElements Advisor suite, an integrated solution allowing advisors to build compelling wealth management plans for clients. Currently used by thousands of advisors worldwide, WealthElements leverages Equisoft’s more than 20 years of experience developing wealth-related tools.



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“The Asset Allocation Analyst module of WealthElements is an essential tool for asset management. This software is key in the development and management of existing and new portfolios. After 15 years of using the software, I recommend it wholeheartedly.”


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Key benefits for your business


Increase sales Engage more with clients and uncover new business opportunities.

Enhance the overall value proposition in an environment of increasing fee sensitivity.

Improve operational efficiency Streamline processes with the right balance between comprehensive analysis and ease of use.

Save time and money with a one-stop robust portfolio analytics solution, eliminating the need to purchase/access multiple systems.

Optimize advisor workflows by taking advantage of multiple integration points (e.g. client data import through back-office integration, when supported).

Effectively meet client needs Create proposals as simple or complex as required.

Cover the full range of investment products, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and SMAs.

Support and document investment portfolio recommendations for all clients, regardless of investment knowledge (basic to advanced).

Find more time to build stronger client relationships.

Recommend compliant-ready solutions Document critical client information in keeping with increasing compliance obligations, including Know Your Client (KYC) suitability and Know Your Product (KYP) requirements.
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Value-added features
  • Simple four-step portfolio construction and analytics tool for investment advisors
  • Comprehensive list of analytics ranging from a simple investment growth chart to the more complex integration of Alpha, Sortino and Information Ratio metrics
  • Industry-leading client-friendly reports in PDF format, including Investment Policy Statements (IPSs)
  • Advanced, easy-to-use multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Tablet-friendly, mobile-ready and optimized for all browsers
  • Default field values to accelerate data entry
  • A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, with three major upgrades annually
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Simple four-step process

The Asset Allocation Analyst module guides advisors through a simple asset allocation process and provides well-documented support for all investment recommendations.

  1. Step 1: Review the current portfolio

Step 2: Determine the investor profile

Step 3: Build the portfolio

Step 4: Review the portfolio

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Step-by-step highlights

Step 1: Review the current portfolio

True, up-to-date portfolio asset class exposure based on the current allocation of underlying funds to help identify potential asset class over/under exposure.


Step 2: Determine the investor profile

Allows systematic documentation of advisor approach to establish suitability of investment solutions. Also ensures standardization of investor profiling processes across the organization to meet compliance requirements.


Step 3: Build the portfolio

Streamlines advisor workflows, ensures clients are recommended suitable investment solutions and helps document compliance with Know Your Client (KYC) suitability requirements.


Step 4: Review the portfolio

Helps document statistical support of portfolio recommendations and compliance with Know Your Product (KYP) requirements, while eliminating the need to purchase a separate investment/portfolio analytic tool.

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Flexible licensing

The Asset Allocation Analyst module features flexible pricing options to meet the different requirements of advisors and financial institutions.

  • Available as a separate module, in combination with other WealthElements Advisor Suite modules (i.e. Financial Needs Analysis, Client Portal) or as part of the Equisoft WealthElements suite
  • Options include site license, scaled per user license or customized enterprise license models
  • Fixed-cost configuration and/or customization services available
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Asset Allocation Analyst

The AAA module is a sales-oriented, compliance-friendly
application allowing advisors to efficiently prepare compelling
investment proposals in four easy step

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