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Equisoft/analyze for advisors

A comprehensive asset allocation and wealth analysis tool.


Formerly WealthElements Advisor.

Blue-chip tools for wealth management success

Create a compliant overview of a client’s current situation and future financial needs. Generate compelling investment proposals in four easy steps. Leverage “robo” technologies to deliver a superior wealth management experience. Equisoft/analyze for advisors lets you do it all with ease, style and world-class, state-of-the-art technology.

The suite includes three advanced modules designed to help advisors save time and build effective, visually compelling wealth management plans for their clients. Currently used by thousands of advisors worldwide, Equisoft/analyze for advisors leverages Equisoft’s more than 25 years of experience developing wealth-related tools.

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Key benefits for your business


Increase sales Engage more with clients and uncover new business opportunities.

Enhance the overall value proposition in an environment of increasing fee and regulatory sensitivity.

Leverage cutting-edge robo-technology to penetrate new markets.

Increase productivity and improve operational efficiency Streamline processes with the right balance between comprehensive analysis and ease of use.

Save time and money with a one-stop robust portfolio analytics solution, eliminating the need to purchase/access multiple systems.

Optimize advisor workflows by taking advantage of multiple integration points (e.g. client data import through back-office integration, when supported).

Effectively meet client needs Create proposals as simple or complex as required.

Cover the full range of investment products, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and SMAs.

Support and document investment portfolio recommendations for all clients, regardless of investment knowledge (basic to advanced).

Choose from a totally digital solution to full advisory service, and anything in between.

Recommend compliant-ready solutions Document critical client information in keeping with increasing compliance obligations, including Know Your Client (KYC) suitability and Know Your Product (KYP) requirements.


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Value-added features
  • Simple four-step portfolio construction and analytics tool for investment advisors
  • Comprehensive list of analytics ranging from a simple investment growth chart to the more complex presentation of Alpha, Sortino and Information Ratio metrics
  • Advanced, easy-to-use multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting. Other languages available upon request.
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Tablet-friendly, mobile-ready and optimized for all browsers
  • Default field values to accelerate data entry
  • Industry-leading client-friendly reports in PDF format, including Investment Policy Statements (IPSs)
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Financial Planning module

This must-have, regulatory-compliant element offers advisors a precise assessment of a client’s current situation and future needs. It includes a range of fully customizable, easytouse tools designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a client’s financial profile (cash flow and net worth), as well as their retirement, education and life insurance needs. Read more

  • Uncover new opportunities through ”hidden” off-book assets.
  • Quickly and easily determine whether clients are on track concerning their objectives, and whether they can contribute more towards reaching their goals.
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Portfolio Design & Analytics Module

Sales-oriented, compliance-friendly application allowing advisors to efficiently prepare compelling investment proposals in four easy steps. Read more

  • Simple asset allocation process providing well-documented support for all investment recommendations.
  • Comprehensive list of analytics ranging from a simple investment growth chart to the more complex presentation of Alpha, Sortino and Information Ratio metrics.

Review the current portfolio

Determine the investor profile

Build the portfolio

Review the portfolio

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Client Portal module

Digital, mobile-friendly platform allowing financial institutions and their advisors to leverage “robo” technologies to deliver a secure online experience as flexible as required, ranging from a fully automated solution to a hybrid portal including advisor interaction. Read more

  • Assets under management retained by the financial institution and advisor, as opposed to referral arrangements offered through some robo platforms.
  • Automates many of the time-consuming prospecting, data capture, onboarding and servicing tasks usually performed by advisors and support staff.
  • Goes beyond simple client assessment and onboarding with a complete, fully configurable investor experience, including electronic signatures, financial and insurance planning tools, data aggregation functionality and much more.
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Flexible licensing

Equisoft/analyze for advisors features flexible pricing options to meet the different requirements of advisors and financial institutions.

  • Options include site license, scaled per user license or customized enterprise license models
  • Fixed-cost configuration and/or customization services available
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