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Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers

A sales acceleration platform featuring guided investment product positioning and analytics.


Formerly WealthElements Wholesaler.

Position your sales team as the go-to resource for advisors

The Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers solution is a fully configurable and customizable tool designed to help fund companies and their wholesaling teams enhance advisor communications and increase sales performance in a variety of ways, most notably by standardizing and automating the positioning of investment products throughout the sales force.

Currently used by some of the world’s most reputable fund companies, Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers leverages Equisoft’s more than 20 years of experience developing wealth-related tools.


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Key benefits for your business


Increase productivity
  • Standardize investment product positioning across the sales force.
  • Develop a more consistent, targeted marketing approach.
  • Automate the recommendation of optimal solutions from your product shelf based on selected criteria.
  • Automate the systematic production of regulatory and marketing documents.
  • Streamline workflows by integrating the software into your wholesaling CRM platform
Improve strategic planning
  • Use the business intelligence gathered from the tool to identify trends, guide strategies, refine messaging and improve sales efforts.
Leverage existing branding and positioning
  • Meets specific business needs using fully configurable white-label technology.
  • Report and proposal report templates based on your guidelines.
  • Multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French out-of-the-box user interfaces and reporting. (other languages available upon request).
Enhance the wholesaler –  advisor relationship
  • Forge new advisor relationships by illustrating the value of adding your products to their book of business.
  • Strengthen existing advisor relationships by helping your wholesalers become the go-to resource for product and portfolio analytics.
  • Cover the full range of investment products, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and SMAs.
Implement an affordable solution
  • Leverage Equisoft’s expertise in developing low-effort, low-cost configurations (no need to open the code).
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Product discussion upgrade

Why is Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers a must-have solution?

  • Streamlines the creation of customized product positioning based on criteria that are important to the advisor.
  • Standardizes investment product presentations throughout the wholesaling team: Organizations with different wholesaling teams positioning products their own way will benefit from a more consistent approach.
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Made-to-measure solutions

What makes Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers so effective? Flexibility.

  • Fully configurable: Configure the system to match your existing sales processes. Unlike many competing platforms, the Equisoft software was built from the bottom-up to help you to make the solution your own with relatively little effort and cost.


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Advanced capabilities

Portfolio Analysis

Creates reports ranging from a simple investment growth chart to more complex proposals including Alpha, Sortino and Information Ratios.

  • Individual fund
  • Fund vs. fund
  • Single portfolio
  • Portfolio vs. portfolio

Guided Fund Selection

Automatically proposes, filters and sorts investment product alternatives based on selected criteria.

Fund Comparisons

Dynamically generates one-page, side-by-side comparisons of up to four different funds.

Portfolio Optimization

Helps determine the optimal mix of investment products for any given level of risk.


Efficiently constructs personalized historical investment illustrations.

Fund Analysis

Efficiently generates up-to-date snapshots of any fund or ETF based on content and design specifications.

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Flexible licensing

The Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers solution features flexible pricing options to meet the different business needs of wholesalers and financial institutions.

  • Options include site license, scaled per user license or customized enterprise license models
  • Fixed-cost configuration and/or customization services available
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Got questions or want to request a demo?

Whether you have inquiries about insurance, wealth management or data migration, whether you are around the block or on the other side of the world, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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