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Celent: Illustration systems can improve point-of-sale efficiency

Equisoft/illustrate stood out as a top solution in the XCelent 2020 Awards for illustration tools. Celent's recent report Life Insurance Illustration Systems: North American Edition analyzed 10 vendor-offered illustration systems available for life, health and annuities product carriers.

Equisoft interviewed Celent's Karen Monks, author of the report, to discuss her findings. In this series of five videos, extracted from the full-length discussion we had with her and available at the bottom of this page, Karen Monks discusses five key points of the report.

The characteristics

In this first excerpt, she outlines some of the characteristics of insurance carriers using vendor illustration solutions.

X Celent Awards Interview Karen Monks1

The trends

Providing compliance support, having the ability to have in-house maintenance, recalculate projected values and product comparison are some of the trends the Celent Report outlined, says Karen Monks in this second video.

X Celent Awards Interview Karen Monks2

The benefits

Advisors being able to work with a younger cohort and advanced sales support are some of the benefits a carrier can obtain when implementing a modern solution, says Karen Monks in this third video.

X Celent Awards Interview Karen Monks3

The pitfalls

In this fourth video, Karen Monks discusses some of the pitfalls facing a carrier implementing an illustration tool: the existing system's integration capabilities, usability, level of vendor maintenance, and more.

X Celent Awards Interview Karen Monks4


Based on customer feedback and Celent’s review of the product, Equisoft/illustrate should be on an insurer’s short list when considering a new illustration system, concludes Karen Monks in this fifth video.

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Q&A with Karen Monks

Watch Karen Monks' full interview with Equisoft.

X Celent Awards Interview Karen Monks

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