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Celent’s Deal Trends Report: The evolution of new Policy Administration Systems in LATAM

Every two years, Celent conducts an in-depth analysis of policy administration systems (PAS) in the Latin American life insurance industry. This report offers a comprehensive view of the installed base of policy administration systems from 2019 to 2023, providing valuable data on industry evolution and trends during this period.

What are LATAM insurers looking for?

Numerous insurance companies in Latin America continue to operate outdated back-end systems. Although some view the replacement of a policy administration system (PAS) as a risky, expensive, and labor-intensive endeavor, they also acknowledge the importance of enhancing automation and efficiency to lower operational expenses. Additionally, they recognize the significance of improving integration capabilities to tap into the rapidly expanding digital landscape and deliver the same level of customer experience seen in other industries. Consequently, there is a growing interest and necessity among these insurers to modernize their legacy back-office systems.

Download this report to uncover:

  • Latin American Life Insurance PAS Market Overview and Trends
  • Latin America Market Dynamics
  • PAS Deals in Latin America in the last 2 years

This Celent report will help insurers in the Latin American life insurance sector stay informed on the latest trends and developments.

Celent Getting Value from Data Research

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Vendor Insights

This report offers a comprehensive understanding of the vendor landscape, incorporating data from 22 life insurance PAS vendors who participated in a detailed Request for Information (RFI) process.

Market Dynamics

Discover the major trends impacting the LATAM life insurance core systems market

Deal Trends

Uncover recent PAS deals in Latin America over the past two years, providing valuable insights into market activity and direction. The most common approach to PAS modernization in LATAM is “Industrial”: stand up a new PAS and migrate customers to it, including portfolios and history.

Download the report now to access invaluable data and insights, empowering your organization to make informed strategic decisions and initiatives.

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