IFRS 17 Compliance

Get Ready for IFRS 17: Implementation, Compliance & Beyond

This comprehensive eBook is a key resource for understanding and conquering the intricate world of IFRS 17 compliance in the life insurance industry. It delves into the essential challenges, critical measurements, and the path to achieving and surpassing IFRS 17 standards.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • IFRS 17 core requirements and opportunities for transformation
  • How a rules-based PAS can automatically move and standardize data from source to reporting
  • How to leverage the Oracle Analyzer solution to address core IFRS 17 requirements

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Solving the IFRS17 Data Challenge for Life Insurance Leaders

Uncover the intricacies of data management challenges that confront IFRS17 compliance. From accessing policy data to standardization and granularity, discover how the right data solution can be your strongest ally.

Choosing the Right Measurement Models for Success

Understand the complexities of the three different measurement approaches: General Measurement Model (GMM), Premium Allocation Approach (PAA), and Variable Fee Approach (VFA). Explore the different challenges and opportunities these models present, and the pivotal role of data in accurate and efficient measurement.

Figuring out IFRS17 Compliance

Discover changes to reporting requirements under IFRS17 and the potential challenges that may arise. Learn how better access to data in real time can transform decision-making processes and improve the overall customer experience.

Surpassing IFRS17 Requirements with Core System Modernization

Explore the idea of core system modernization as a catalyst for future success. While the compliance journey is significant, it can also benefit the business in the form of accelerated speed to market, increased operational efficiency, and a competitive edge.

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Understand the complexities of achieving IFRS 17 compliance, including how to choose the best measurement model for your organization, how to transform your data for use in IFRS 17 reporting, and how to accurately test and refine your IFRS 17 methodology.

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IFRS17 Compliance

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