How a Modern Policy Admin Solution Transformed Columbian Financial Group

How a Modern Policy Admin Solution Transformed Columbian Financial Group

CFG wanted to retire the legacy core systems that had become an obstacle to future growth. Consolidating them into a single modern PAS would lower cost and enable the development of new products more easily.

Read the case study to learn the keys to:

  • Successful integration with critical systems
  • Accelerating workflows to enhance ease-of-use
  • Creating a seamless end-to-end solution that includes all 3rd party systems

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From Legacy to Modernity

CFG recognized that the introduction of the CSO 2017 mortality tables would require new product development and that this presented an opportunity to consolidate their legacy policy admin systems by replacing them with a modern core system. Equisoft: The Game-Changer

Find out why CFG chose Equisoft as their partner in their modernization journey. Renowned for their OIPA implementation successes rate and track record reflecting global triumphs, Equisoft became the cornerstone of the much-anticipated ECLIPSE project.

Integration, Efficiency, and Beyond

Discover how integration laid the foundation for accelerated product development, leading to the successful launch of insurance products like Whole Life and Final Expense. See how integrations between OIPA, CFG systems and third-party solutions transformed the entire policy life cycle.

Your Invitation to Transformation

Download the case study to find out how Equisoft and CFG integrated the OIPA core system and accelerated product innovation.

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