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Top industry experts from Oracle, Datos Insights (Aite-Novarica), and Equisoft delve into the challenges and strategies for modernizing insurance operations. This session is essential for executives in the insurance sector seeking practical advice on navigating the complexities of digital transformation.

Key Insights from Industry Leaders

Embrace Effective Change Management: Explore how to handle organizational changes crucial for adopting new technologies. Learn about the 'Three Cs'—capacity, competency, and culture—that form the backbone of successful transformations.

Strategic Approaches to Technology Implementation: Discover the importance of aligning your technological upgrades with a comprehensive digital strategy. Experts discuss how to effectively manage legacy systems and integrate cutting-edge solutions like Greenfield implementations to optimize operational efficiency.

Navigating Regulatory and Operational Challenges: Gain insights into adapting your business models to meet evolving regulatory requirements while enhancing customer and agent experiences through digital channels.

Why Watch This Webinar?

This webinar offers direct insights from Dave Shively, COO at Equisoft, Alan Dulin, Global Head at Oracle, and Chip Bircher, an advisory leader at Datos Insights. Their discussions provide a roadmap for insurance leaders looking to enhance their technological capabilities and operational effectiveness.

Our Speakers

  • Alan Dulin headshot
    Alan Dulin

    Global Head & Senior Managing Director, Insurance & Healthcare Payers at Oracle

  • Chip Bircher Headshot
    Chip Bircher

    Head of Advisory Services, Technology Providers & Life Insurance Carriers at Datos Insights

  • Headshot dave shively
    Dave Shively

    Chief Operating Officer at Equisoft

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