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Life insurance technology leaders kick off ITC week at Equisoft’s Elevate, a gathering to spark innovation and ignite growth

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Former head of Disney University headlined Elevate, inspiring life insurance audience to unlock creativity and accelerate digital transformation

Las Vegas, September 21, 2022 — Equisoft, a leading global provider of advanced insurance solutions, held its yearly customer event “Elevate” in Las Vegas, in advance of Insurtech Connect. Life insurance technology leaders gathered for in-depth discussions about digital transformation with their peers. The event kicked off with actionable insights and inspiration from Doug Lipp, author of Disney U and former head of training at Disney University, and Patrick Dixon, leading futurist and author of The Future of Almost Everything.

Luis Romero, CEO of Equisoft, challenged life insurance leaders to break free from their comfort zones to unlock the power of digital transformation. “The life insurance industry is facing incredible challenges to modernize legacy systems, but this transformation is not just about technology, it’s about improving customer experience, meeting customers where they are now, and where we believe they will be in the future,” said Romero. “Gathering outside perspectives from leading innovators from Disney and technology companies allows us to expand our thinking and approach issues with a “yes, if” rather than a “no, because” mentality.”

Drawing on a key insight from Doug Lipp, Romero encouraged life insurance leaders to “walk the park” as Disney executives do to understand their companies and industries from multiple perspectives. “At InsureTech Connect this week, we have the opportunity to put this concept into practice,” added Romero. “We have the chance to walk the floor of ITC and speak with our peers to broaden our perspective and understand the challenges that life insurance leaders are facing today.”

Elevate provides an outlet and learning experience for life insurance executives looking for new ways to innovate and grow their business.

To learn more about Elevate, click here.

Source: Jean Sabbagh, Chief Revenue Officer, Equisoft, 1 888.989.3141, ext. 122,

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