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Rallying Stakeholders Around Back-Office Modernization - In Light Of A Challenging ROI

Are you ready to modernize your back-office system and stay ahead in the competitive insurance market?

This exclusive study conducted by Celent and underwritten by Equisoft explores how 11 life insurance carriers decided to proceed with their PAS modernization projects.

The findings reveal how a variety of organizations solved the problem of investing in much-needed core system transformation, even when the ROI for the replacement solution is hard to demonstrate using traditional metrics.

In this report, you'll find out:

  • How insurers have gone beyond ROI to make the case for modernization
  • Which benefits and risks are most important to consider
  • How to use intangibles to effectively supplement your Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Navigating Digital Transformation

From the decision-making processes to the practical challenges of modernization, this report uncovers the realities behind what is required to successfully implement new policy administration solutions in the life insurance industry.

Real-World Perspectives on ROI and Technology Investment

The financial landscape is evolving, and insurers are at the forefront, making pivotal core system modernization decisions without the traditional comfort of a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Our findings reveal how insurers weigh tangible benefits against crucial intangibles. Learn how these companies are moving forward with strategic investments in their back-office systems, despite the complexities of quantifying ROI.

Your Blueprint for Action

As you contemplate the future of your institution's technological infrastructure, let our insights guide your path. This report equips you with knowledge to make informed decisions and outlines the steps leading to successful implementation.

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