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Timely Advice Before Starting your Policy Administration Modernization Project

Looking for the best way to upgrade your systems and migrate your data? But unsure where to start?

The need for modernization is well understood by life insurance executives. The entire industry is being challenged by the intersecting forces of significant technological upheaval, increasing regulatory change, as well as heightened customer expectations. These drivers are motivating enterprises to modernize in order to increase business agility, make higher-quality decisions and increase the speed and effectiveness of product development.

To do this, companies need access to all of their vital data--which can be a challenge when faced with outdated infrastructure evolved over years of consolidation of different companies and systems. Some organizations face risks associated with supporting those legacy systems (especially when many staff with the experience to maintain that infrastructure are nearing retirement age), and all insurance organizations are challenged to create a better digital experience for their customers even though the legacy systems make it difficult.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Important pointers on how to select the best PAS vendor
  • How to assess project scope and feasibility
  • How to select the best modernization approach

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Navigating Industry Challenges

Discover how the convergence of technological advancements, regulatory changes, and soaring customer expectations drives the business case for modernization.

A Career-Defining Challenge

Explore why policy administration modernization projects are pivotal moments in the careers of insurance executives. This eBook offers valuable insights from over 20 modernization projects completed across 15 countries. We share what works, what doesn't, and how to make informed decisions.

Efficient Vendor Selection

Embark on an eight-stage Vendor Selection Roadmap that begins with Business Kick-Off, emphasizing the importance of involving key stakeholders from the start. Learn to craft effective RFI/RFPs, and into Software Evaluation and Implementation Evaluation, with tips on understanding the implications of different implementation partner options.

Powerful Demonstrations and Shortlisting

Discover how to make the most of vendor demonstrations, differentiating between IT and Business demos. Explore the art of shortlisting, focusing on both quantity and quality of references, and understand why it's crucial for success.

Proof of Concept and Project Approval

See how important it is to target your Proof-of-Concept requirements and keep the scope manageable. Finally, understand the intricacies of obtaining Pproject approval, involving the Board of Directors, and the benefits of engaging third-party help.

A Clear Path to Success

Our eBook offers a roadmap that keeps your project on track, ensuring nothing is missed as you move toward new PAS implementation. Benefit from our years of experience and avoid the common pitfalls that can derail complex digital transformation projects.

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