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Transformational Journeys: Implementing Modern Core Systems At Life Insurers

Choosing to embark on PAS modernization is a career-defining decision. The implications of your modernization project will affect your company for decades.

In an era where real-time data and digital capabilities are necessities, life insurers are actively pursuing the modernization of their core systems. Read the latest research from Datos Insights (previously Novarica) and Equisoft to get insights from insurers already engaged in their transformation so you can make the right call.

From planning to implementation, this research provides the most current picture of how life insurance CIOs are approaching their PAS modernization challenges. Benefit from their experiences to optimize the outcomes of your own modernization journey. In this report, you will learn:

  • What led insurers to decide to modernize
  • What approaches work best
  • Critical challenges that had to be overcome
  • What factors consumed the most resources and increased costs

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Insights from Industry Leaders

Delve into the experiences of ten life insurance carriers, varying from midsize to large institutions, and discover how they navigate the complexities of system modernization. From integrating analytics to improving speed to market, the report sheds light on the strategies that are setting the pace for the industry.

Strategic Modernization

Learn about the essential pre-planning stages, the balance between introducing new products swiftly and transitioning from legacy systems, and the critical role of detailed roadmaps.

Partnering for Success

Selecting a service partner is more than a choice; it's a strategic decision that can significantly impact your modernization journey. Understand what factors — from client references to cultural fit — are crucial when it comes to making this pivotal decision.

Measuring Transformation

Success in modernization is quantifiable. Learn the various metrics that leaders use to communicate progress and identify areas for improvement. Discover how metrics such as NIGO percentages and underwriting times are pivotal in gauging efficiency gains.

Download "Transformational Journeys: Implementing Modern Core Systems At Life Insurers" today and unlock the potential of modernization.

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