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Why Life Accelerated?


We’re launching a ground-breaking life insurance podcast: Life Accelerated.


Because the industry is going through the biggest, most abrupt change in its 300-year history. Because most customers are now more digital than the organizations they deal with. Because executives at those companies engaged in digitally transforming to meet customer expectations are fighting through the complexity of the changes by themselves.

They’re taking on career-defining projects with never-before-seen levels of risk. And every day we hear things from them like:

Our policy admin systems are now as old as our youngest customers.
No one is in charge of data quality. We have pockets of greatness surrounded by swampy moats. We put it in the cloud and are sorting it all out there.
The lights went on‒we were running a multi-billion-dollar company with a rat’s nest of interlocking spreadsheets. It was worse than COBOL.

How to make successful digital transformation easier

For more than 25 years, Equisoft has been partnering with the biggest life insurance companies in the industry to help you solve your biggest challenges. We are now on a mission to provide insight and advice that can ease the burden, take risk off your critical path and shorten the journey to achieving digital transformation.

It’s called, Life Accelerated.

Here’s the idea:

Life Accelerated delivers the answers

In partnership with Insurance Innovation Reporter, we’ve created Life Accelerated‒ the first life insurance podcast about how carriers are achieving their digital transformation.

Hosted by esteemed insurance observer and commentator Anthony O’Donnell, the series will tackle the insurance industry’s biggest digitalization challenges. Each episode will feature trends in innovation, C-suite insights into transformation, and best practices taken from actual insurer experiences.

Every two weeks, Life Accelerated will give you a seat in the forum where the future of our companies and our industry is being shaped.

This is a very urgent conversation for the industry. What our guests are doing, what our listeners are doing in the insurance industry is extremely important. We'll be interviewing technology executives and business executives about their particular transformation journey. And I'll be asking them questions and seeking answers that are direct and honest as can be managed.

‒Anthony O'Donnell, Executive Editor, Insurance Innovation Reporter.

Life Accelerated brings you change-makers from leading companies such as New York Life, Mutual of Omaha, Ameritas, MassMutual, and Northwestern Mutual. They will be sharing their on-the-ground experiences, as well as giving you an intimate view of what’s challenging and what’s working as they navigate their digital transformation journeys.

The series tracks today’s digital transformation as it unfolds. In real-time.

The podcasts will delve into the latest digital transformation solutions happening right now at top life insurance companies. Each episode will explore issues relating to leadership, strategy, and management while reflecting on their shared human experiences—providing moments of encouragement and positivity to life insurers who want to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

It’s Life Accelerated.

A learning platform that life insurance executives can access whenever and wherever they want to get a unique window into what their peers are doing. A series that helps all stakeholders map and successfully execute their transformation projects.

Available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google, and Apple Podcast. We invite you to sign up at equisoft.com/lifeaccelerated so that you are notified as soon as new episodes become available.

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