A Sales Distribution Platform for Insurance Companies

A sophisticated platform that empowers insurance companies to offer insurance products and benefits to their customers. Centralize offers a powerful way to connect carriers' feeds, clients, policies, and other contracting and compliance systems to a single platform.

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Drive Growth by Streamlining Insurance Distribution and Commissions

Equisoft/centralize connects all stakeholders for streamlined insurance distribution and commission management.

Automate Process

Automate Processes

Designed to optimize daily tasks and activities. Adopt best practices with little effort.

Track Performance

Track Performance

Easily track leads, and highlight advisor sales productivity. Get 50+ off the shelf reports for the entire organization.

Enjoy the benefits of our robust back office system

  • System securely hosted by Equisoft
  • Flexible pricing based on requirements
  • Easily manage complex commission structures
  • Fully integrates ACORD & CITS feeds
  • Best of breed business processes built in
  • Exceptionally intuitive user experience

Connect Every Side of Your Business