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Listen in as top life insurance executives reveal how they are achieving digital transformation and adapting to change. An insights packed podcast brought to you by Insurance Innovation Reporter in partnership with Equisoft.


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There’s a race on to transform because the faster you can do it the more of an edge you can gain. Fall behind and you stand to lose your ability to be competitive, or worse, stay in the game at all.

Anthony O’Donnell

Executive Editor, Insurance Innovation Reporter

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Equisoft life insurance podcast headshot national life

September 28, 2022

How National Life Has Grown at a Double Digit Rate for a Decade

CIO Nimesh Mehta released his secrets. In this episode of Life Accelerated, he shares how National Life designed a human digital strategy and grown faster than any other life insurance company in the world.
Equisoft life insurance podcast headshot graphic New York Life

May 25, 2022

Why Data Is the North Star at New York Life

Data science may be the new kid on the life insurance block, but New York Life’s Alex Cook is no stranger. Learn how data management and analysis have transformed their business – from talent acquisition to product innovation – to meet their customers’ demands.
Equisoft life insurance podcast guest graphic Penn Mutual

July 20, 2022

A 175-year-old data science innovation conversation with Penn Mutual

Listen in to this week’s episode of the Life Accelerated podcast to hear from COO Greg Driscoll on how the state of technology today is enabling Penn Mutual to revitalize its 175 year old business promise—creating a healthy life insurance business and industry.

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Anthony O’Donnell

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Anthony O'Donnell is Executive Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter. For nearly two decades, he has been an observer and commentator on the use of information technology in the insurance industry, following industry trends and writing about the use of IT in life & annuities and property/casualty.

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