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Deliver OIPA Projects Faster, Better and Smarter

Our tool reduces Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) configuration tasks by as much as 90%, so you can get products to market faster.

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Equisoft/design is an OIPA configuration and release management tool built for cost-effective implementations.

Packed With IDE Features Only Found in Modern Languages' Advanced Editors

1 Design Faster Development with Intelli Sense Auto Complete Code Snippets

Faster Development With IntelliSense & Auto-Complete

XML Templates and Code Snippets can make development times up to 80% faster.

2 Design Interpreter Built In Interpreter and Easy Reading Errors

Built-In Interpreter and Easy Reading Errors

Beginning developers find these features help them to be faster and more efficient.

3 Design Git Integration Integrate with Your Choice of Version Control Tools

Integrate With Your Choice of Version Control Tools

Use IVS or GiT to track changes and manage features and release branches.

How Insurance Carriers Are Adapting Their Go-To-Market Strategies Using Digital Advisor & Customer Tools

A Single Solution for Code Reviewing, Unit Testing and Configuration Releasing

4 Design API Screen Configuration Release Flexibility with the UI or Our API for CICD Pipeline Integration full

Configuration Release Flexibility and Our API for CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Integrate and automate your configuration build and deployment with the latest tools on the market, such as AzureDevOps, TeamCity or Octopus Deploy.

The Ultimate Tool for Ensuring Cost-Effective Product Implementations

  • Faster product delivery for insurers
  • Support from our dedicated team
  • 10+ years of OIPA implementation experience
  • New feature releases every month
  • Maintain configuration quality while in production
  • Between 50-90% reduced configurator ramp-up time
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Deliver OIPA Projects in Record Time


Reduction in Configuration Tasks


Faster Ramp-Up Time for Configurators


Years OIPA Implementation Experience

On Site, or on the Cloud, Installation is Easy. Works on Websphere, Weblogic and Tomcat