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Equisoft Composite

Equisoft is a pioneer in turnkey cloud solutions for the insurance industry.
Our SaaS offering is ideal for carriers seeking to build their online brand, foster client engagement and gain market share through a digital transformation with minimal risk and maximum flexibility.

Available by module or as a fully integrated platform.




An effective way to optimize the insurance value chain

With Equisoft, you can meet the increasingly complex challenges of the insurance industry and take advantage of new digital opportunities. Whether your company is struggling with the changing regulatory environment, the shift to less intrusive products or the push towards online/mobile client interaction, Equisoft will help your company grow its business. Our range of proven and flexible low-cost cloud solutions leverage deep expertise in the insurance industry spanning over 20 years.

The Equisoft Composite offering supports all insurance product lines. On the front end, it includes the InsuranceElements suite, with advisor-facing modules such as needs analysis, illustrations and sales strategies, electronic applications, as well as online claims and servicing through a self-service portal. Those applications integrate seamlessly with Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity (OIPA), currently the best policy administration platform on the market.

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Key benefits for your business


Simplify processes and improve distribution channels
  • Offer a distinctive digital experience to agents, advisors and consumers.
  • Accelerate customer acquisition.
  • Pay out commissions more efficiently.
  • Lay a solid integration architecture foundation for product innovation.
  • Improve time-to-market and reduce cost of releasing new products.
Increase market share


  • Differentiate your brand with a meaningful and effective online presence.
  • Provide new and effective upsell opportunities.
  • Target Millennial clientele and underserved markets.
Customize at will
  • Configure independently thanks to flexible rules-based architecture.
  • Training aimed at empowering staff and ensuring carrier autonomy.
Minimize risk
  • Proven success with several insurers, large and small
  • Predictable costs and ROI.
  • Highly secure environment protects sensitive client data across the core systems chain.
  • Built-in performance scalability to match growth.
  • Turnkey offering includes version upgrades to nightly cycle support.
Provide a superior user experience
  • Generate the best documents and graphics of illustration results.
  • Save time with a disconnected version that uses the same application code as the cloud version.
  • Access the top layers of the architecture directly to fully customize the user interface (UI) and integration points.
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Value-added features
  • Advanced, easy-to-use multilingual interface, featuring English, Spanish and French user
    interfaces and reporting (other languages available upon request)
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Omni channel access: Web, disconnected, mobile
  • Tablet-friendly, mobile-ready and optimized for all browsers
  • State-of-the-art technology (RIA)
  • ACORD-based data exchange
  • Default field values to accelerate data entry
  • Industry-leading client-friendly reports in PDF format
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Equisoft Composite Modules at a glance

Through a broad range of comprehensive, flexible and advanced features, Equisoft’s integrated cloud suite optimizes customer engagement, advisor experience and head office performance.

  • Client Portal –This digital, mobile-friendly platform allows insurance companies and advisors to leverage “robo” technologies to deliver their clients a superior insurance online experience.
  • Financial Needs Analysis – A full range of comprehensive, customizable and easy-to-use tools designed to create a compliant overview of a client’s current coverage and future insurance needs.
  • Illustrations and Sales Strategies – A state-of-the-art sales tool delivering industry-leading solutions for easy policy illustrating, quote building and sales strategizing of complex products across multiple platforms.
  • Electronic Application – An advanced wizard far beyond the generic smart form, enabling simple, speedy data entry for insurance policy submissions and servicing.
  • Policy AdministrationThe Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity (OIPA) platform is an advanced, rules-based and cloud-ready solution that lays the foundation for new levels of back-end performance and connectivity, as well as faster and more efficient go-to-market strategies. Equisoft works exclusively with the OIPA platform since 2004 and has successfully completed about 80% of all OIPA implementations worldwide.
  • Producer Management and Compensation – Simplifies, enhances and centralizes the administration of complex producer hierarchies and comprehensive compensation calculations.
  • Data migration – Reduce the risk and cost of data migration by taking advantage of our unique expertise and custom tools.
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Support all lines of business
in a single, scalable platform
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An iterative approach to digital transformation

With extensive experience in modernizing front-end and back-end systems, Equisoft provides a blueprint for successful cloud implementations.

Over time, we have documented best practices to avoid reinventing the wheel, save time and reduce costs.

We use an iterative methodology that allows clients to test applications during development, engage all stakeholders involved and minimize project risk.

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Flexible licensing

Equisoft’s turnkey Insurance Cloud solution features low cost of ownership and flexible pricing options, allowing insurers to select their optimum Software-as-a-Service model.

  • Fixed monthly price based on a percentage of net written premiums (end-to-end cloud solution only; different pricing for partial cloud solution)
  • Customized pricing options available (e.g. Performance-based pricing)
  • Fixed-cost data migration
  • No infrastructure, no maintenance, no technology development costs
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Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering is ideal for insurers seeking to build their online brand experience, foster client engagement and gain market share through a digital transformation with miminal risk and maximum flexibility.

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