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Invasion of the robo-advisor: Is the threat real?

Jonathan Georges
July 8, 2019


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More change is coming to the retail investment industry

The robo-advisor phenomenon is the most talked-about recent evolution in investing. There’s plenty of news and information to sift through: press coverage in both the trade and consumer media, white papers, research studies and conferences, but there remain far more questions than answers.

In fact, over the past year or so, many of our clients have been asking us our thoughts on whether the robo-advisor buzz is for real and whether the phenomenon poses a real threat to the traditional dealer and advisor business.

In this document, Equisoft’s second white paper delving into the key issues challenging the Canadian retail investment industry, we explore the potential threats and opportunities presented by the invasion of the robo-advisor.

The key takeaway from this study is that industry experts believe the future doesn’t lie exclusively in the up-start robo model or the traditional distribution model, but a blending of the two.

There is clearly an opportunity for traditional dealer and advisor businesses to harness powerful robo technology solutions to improve efficiency, enrich the customer experience, build new customer bases and grow their businesses.

We trust that the insights contained in the following pages provide clarity and direction during a time of rapid and significant change to the Canadian retail investment landscape.

Download our white paper by clicking here.