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Invasion of the robo-advisor: Is the threat real?

Our comprehensive white paper, "Invasion of the robo-advisor: Is the threat real?" is your key to understanding the transformative impact of technology on the financial advisory landscape. Whether you're a seasoned financial professional or intrigued by the shifting dynamics of wealth management, this white paper is your essential guide.

This White Paper Covers

  • An Overview of the Robo Advisor
  • The Market Potential for Robo-Advice
  • The Challenges of the Canadian Robo-Advisor
  • Robo-advisors and traditional advisors join forces

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An Overview of the Robo Advisor

A Robo-Advisor refers to a type of financial advisor offering online portfolio management services with little or no human intervention.

The Market Potential for Robo-Advice

There is a significant gap among young adults aged 18 to 35, who are in the early stages of their financial journey. This demographic, often lacking confidence and knowledge for self-directed investments, falls between basic needs and the affordability of traditional financial advice. This group represents a crucial market segment for robo-advisory services, given their specific requirements and limited resources.

The Challenges of the Canadian Robo-Advisor

Regulatory limitations may impede the expansion of robo-advisors. Additionally, concerns arise regarding the effectiveness of robo-advisors in online prospecting and their ability to deliver on promises of low-cost services. These factors raise challenges for the growth and success of robo-advisory platforms.

Robo-advisors and traditional advisors join forces

Paradoxically, these digital platforms may need to collaborate with traditional financial firms and their advisors to ensure their survival. Regulatory obstacles partly undermine the value proposition of robo-advisors, and some are encountering difficulties in attracting new investors, potentially jeopardizing their viability as digital enterprises.

To address these challenges, alliances are forming between robo-advisory services and traditional financial institutions.

Your Guide to the Future Awaits

Our white paper offers valuable insights, expert opinions, and an in-depth analysis of the evolving landscape. Dive into the world of Robo-Advisors, and regulatory changes, and gain a fresh perspective on the future of wealth management.

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