How One Advisor Dramatically Deepened Client Relationships

How One Advisor Dramatically Deepened Client Relationships


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Life insurance advisor, Susan Lee considered her approach to uncovering client needs as vital to her success, but also an unexpected bottleneck to the growth she envisioned for her practice. The solution she found transformed her business.

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  • Details of how she doubled the number of products sold to each client
  • Practical tips on boosting advisor efficiency and practice growth
  • Guidance on dramatically increasing the value of your book of business

The Challenge

Susan’s vision for her practice was to achieve sustainable, consistent growth. However, competition for clients and tightening compliance regulations made it difficult for her to expand using the approaches that had gotten her this far.

To accomplish that she needs to differentiate herself from other advisors but in the realms of intense competition, ambitious growth visions, and ever-tightening compliance measures, Susan yearned for a transformative solution. The essence of her challenge? Equisoft/plan: A Game Changer

Her answer was to implement Equisoft/plan, a state-of-the-art Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) tool. With its intuitive interface, it promises to build a holistic financial portrait, capturing assets, liabilities, income, and expenses seamlessly. In using Equisoft/plan she was able to create comprehensive client plans that included investments, retirement, insurance, and estate planning in an efficient yet in-depth manner.

Deepen Relationships, Uncover More Needs

With Equisoft/plan, manual processes that once hindered scalability morph into streamlined operations. Gone are the days of lengthy data entry and cumbersome client prep. Now, advisors can engage in richer, more informed discussions, unveiling deeper client needs and strategies to address them. By embracing Equisoft/plan, advisors can reimagine their workflow, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and client satisfaction.

Why This Case Study?

See how one advisor was about to transform their approach to client development and unlock new levels of growth in their business. Find out how Equisoft/plan helped Susan Lee redefine client relationships and optimize operations.

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How One Advisor Dramatically Deepened Client Relationships

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