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Client Portal

This digital, mobile-friendly platform allows financial institutions and advisors to leverage “robo” technologies to deliver their clients a superior wealth management experience.

Available as part of the WealthElementsTM Advisor suite
or as a separate module.




Improve investor experience with a flexible online presence

The Client Portal module is a secure, investor-facing robo-solution that provides investors with a personalized online wealth planning experience while automating many of the time-consuming prospecting, data capture, onboarding and servicing tasks usually performed by financial advisors and support staff. What’s more, the Client Portal is a very flexible solution that can digitalize the client experience to any degree suitable to the client and the advisor.

Client Portal is available as a stand-alone solution or as part of the WealthElements Advisor suite, an integrated solution allowing advisors to build compelling wealth management plans for clients. Currently used by thousands of advisors worldwide, WealthElements leverages Equisoft’s more than 20 years of experience developing wealth-related tools.


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Key benefits for your business


Enhance client experience Choose from a totally digital solution to full advisory service, and anything in between

Enhance the overall value proposition in an environment of increasing fee sensitivity.

Increase productivity and improve operational efficiency Automate/digitalize many labor-intensive, paper-based and time-consuming tasks

Find more time to build client relationships and grow your business.

Expand into new markets Leverage cutting-edge robo-technology to penetrate new markets.

Position your business for future growth by targeting Millennials.

Uncover new opportunities by promoting online presence.

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Ideal for human/robo hybrid wealth offerings

The WealthElements Client Portal module enables a seamless transition from roboadvisor solution to full advisory service, and vice versa (when leveraged as part of the WealthElements Advisor suite). You decide on the customer experience and level of automation you want to provide. The flexibility offered by the Client Portal’s configurability gives you total control.

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Offer a robo solution… and keep the assets in your book of business

With the WealthElements Client Portal, advisors retain assets under management, as opposed to referral arrangements offered through some robo platforms. The Client Portal ecosystem acts as a presentation layer over the existing back-office system, ensuring that all assets remain in your book of record.

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A complete investor experience

Many of today’s robo-solutions are limited to performing client assessment and onboarding. The WealthElements Client Portal goes beyond that with an end-to-end investor experience that can include:

  • Client/prospect data capture (e.g. contact information, assets and liabilities, incomes and expenses)
  • Client assessment (net worth, cash flow, investor profiling, KYC – Know Your Customer)
  • Investment portfolio selection
  • Completion of account opening and transfer forms
  • Electronic signatures
  • Simple financial and insurance planning tools
  • Timely updates – Administration module in WealthElements allows advisors to instantly update recommended portfolios
  • Data aggregation functionality allowing the advisor to digitally collect information on all investor assets across multiple financial institutions
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Flexible licensing

The Client Portal system features flexible pricing options to meet the different needs of advisors and financial institutions.

  • Available as a separate module, in combination with other WealthElements Advisor modules (i.e. Financial Needs Analysis, Asset Allocation Analyst) or as part of the WealthElements Advisor suite
  • Options include site license, scaled per user license or customized enterprise license models
  • Fixed-cost configuration and/or customization services available
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